Top 5 Dota 2 carry heroes of update 7.30 

7.30, the new Dota 2 patch, was released this August (image via Valve)
7.30, the new Dota 2 patch, was released this August (image via Valve)
Sambit Pal

7.30 will be the final major Dota 2 patch before TI. As the hallmark of a major Dota 2 patch, Valve has appended numerous heroes with buffs, nerfs and reworks. There have not been any changes to the economy of the games, so flash-farming heroes stay as neutral as ever. On the other hand, some straight buffs mean that otherwise underutilized heroes will be picked much more going forwards, including carries.

5 strongest carries who have become relevant again in Dota 2 7.30

5) Lycan

Lycan is among those Dota 2 heroes who are either subpar or borderline broken in any patch. In the current Dota 2 climate, the latter seems to be the case. Lycan's ability to simply push a lane to the tier-3 tower before 15 minutes made him dangerous. That power was taken away with the removal of Necronomicon from Dota 2 in 7.29. But with the currently reworked Helm of The Overlord, Lycan can get very strong summons.

4) Monkey King

Monkey King was an extremely robust pick into any melee core lineup in 7.00. Over the years, his power level has fluctuated in accordance with the needs of the meta. But in 7.30, Monkey has received a series of quality-of-life changes to his Tree Dance, a huge buff to his early levels of Jingu Mastery, as well as a strong Aghanim's Shard upgrade.

3) Faceless Void

The talent tree changes seem to be a nod from Valve to the support Faceless Void playstyle many pro teams have been workshopping of late. Time Dilation is an underrated ability. Even a core Void benefits a lot from the cooldown freeze and slow. Alongside a big decrease in Faceless Void's chrono, this patch also nerfed Aeon Disk, his biggest counter. Dota 2 cores who make Aeon Disk in the midgame will scale poorly in late game in terms of surviability.

2) Slark

The biggest change to Slark in the new Dota 2 patch is his first ability, Dark Pact. While its damage and manacost remain the same, the self-damage has been reduced to 30% from 50%. Slark can now reliably use Dark Pact as a means of trading reliably from his early levels. The usability of Dark Pact as a nuke tips the scale in a wide variety of lanes, making Slark a much more universally viable pick. Shadow Dance cooldown has also received a minor buff.

1) Sven

7.30 does not change much about the Dota 2 gold balance, leaving neutral stacking as powerful as ever. The big factor that makes Sven so powerful, however, is the changes to Silver Edge. The guaranteed crit synergizes very well with high base damage heroes like Sven. Sven gets both the potential of initiation and disengage through the invisibility as well as the critical chance that he needs to scale into the lategame.

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