Top 5 changes players want in Fortnite update 16.10

Top 5 changes players want in Fortnite update 16.10 (Image via Twitter/FortniteStatus)
Top 5 changes players want in Fortnite update 16.10 (Image via Twitter/FortniteStatus)
Modified 30 Mar 2021
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The new Fortnite update 16.10 is scheduled for March 30, 2021, and downtime will begin at approximately 4 AM ET (08:00 UTC). The latest update is all set to bring numerous changes, nerfs, and of course, introduce raptors in Fortnite.

While there is no official word from Epic on whether these animals will be tamable, they will surely add to the dynamics of the game and fit right into the Primal theme.

Besides Raptors in Fortnite, other changes such as crafting system tweaks, loot adjustments, and shotgun nerfs will also be implemented into the Fortnite update 16.10.

According to Fortnite Status, the patch size will be larger than normal on PC, so the update will take a while longer than expected.

No doubt the new Fortnite update 16.10 addresses a few of the current issues faced by players in-game. However, there are many such changes and improvements that players are looking forward to in the update.

5 major changes players want in Fortnite update 16.10

#5 - Primal Shotgun nerf

It comes as no surprise that thousands of players want the Primal Shotgun nerfed with the new Fortnite update 16.10. And some players are going as far as to wanting the weapon vaulted.


Ever since Fortnite Season 6 debuted, the community has been divided when it comes to Primal Shotguns. Some players seem to hate them, while others absolutely love them.

However, it seems as if Epic has sided with the player base that hates the gun and has decided to give it a tiny nerf.

#4 - Un-vaulting Snipers

Ever since Fortnite Season 6 was released, players and professionals have been asking for snipers to be un-vaulted and added back into the game. While it's understandable why Epic decided to remove snipers and replace them with bows, players are not happy with the decision.


Despite the community wanting snipers back in the game, it's unlikely that Epic will add them back this season as the developers aim to focus on the whole Primal theme and bows.

#3 - Stream Snipers

Following a recent live stream that left professional esports player Stable Ronaldo swarmed by Stream Snipers, the community has been asking for sterner action to be taken by Epic.


Fortnite Season 6 has been harsh on streamers as Stream Snipers are lurking around every corner waiting to jump in-game and kill a professional player.

Despite the Fortnite community absolutely hating this, Epic has not done much to resolve the issue.

#2 - Moving Zone

While players didn't ask for this change, the community seems to welcome it. The new Fortnite update 16.10 is all set to reintroduce moving storm circle for the last two zone changes.


Many feel this is a good move as it discourages campers or players who have stacked up on healing items and are hiding within the storm.

1# - Traps

Despite being hated by most, a large part of the community wants traps to be added back into the game for this season.

It would go well with the season, considering that raptors in Fortnite running about, they could perhaps even be used to trap wildlife. Though it's highly unlikely that the publishers will be adding traps back with the new Fortnite update 16.10.

Published 30 Mar 2021, 12:15 IST
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