Top 5 games revealed at Nintendo's Indie World Showcase 2021

After Love EP, Endling, and Omori were among the best indie titles announced at Nintendo Indie World Showcase 2021 (Images via Nintendo)
After Love EP, Endling, and Omori were among the best indie titles announced at Nintendo Indie World Showcase 2021 (Images via Nintendo)

Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase exhibits the best of the indie game development scene. Today’s event was no exception. While ten new indie games have been revealed as coming to the Nintendo Switch soon, several indie games already established on other platforms have also been announced in the Indie World Showcase 2021 to be getting a Switch port.

The games revealed in Nintendo Indie World Showcase 2021 are quite diverse in terms of genre, ranging from narrative titles, 2D platformers to musical puzzles, point-and-click adventures, fighting games, and more.

Nintendo Indie World Showcase 2021: Top 5 games announced

5) Loco Motive

Release date: Summer 2022

This point-and-click adventure title is the debut project of Robust Games, an indie studio started by two brothers based in the United Kingdom, as a homage to the classics of this genre. It is a murder mystery set in a locomotive, with an all-voiced cast of quirky characters. Players will get to play three characters through the course of the story of Loco Motive - the first a lawyer, the second a would-be detective, and the third a spy.


4) Sea of Stars

Release Date: Holiday 2022

Coming from the creators of The Messenger, Sea of Stars is set in the same universe and is a prequel to the indie hit. However, the devs noted, players don’t have to have played The Messenger in order to grasp the story of Sea of Stars. It is a classic RPG with modern elements sprinkled on it. The music of this title is created by the music composer of acclaimed JRPGs like Chrono Trigger and Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

3) After Love EP

Release Date: Summer 2022

This aesthetically soothing game comes from the makers of Coffee Talk and What Comes After. The devs have set out to create a unique blend of visual novels, rhythm games, and narrative adventures in After Love EP to tell the story of a character who is on a journey of rediscovering love, music, and friendship after the devastating loss of a loved one. The game is set in Jakarta, and the city influences an integral part of the story, as mentioned by the devs.

2) Aliisha - The Oblivion of Twin Goddesses

Release Date: Spring 2022

This game developed by Underscore tells the story of twin sisters, Aisha and Lisha. It is a puzzle-solving game at the core, with a beautiful world as its backdrop. Players can solo or team up with friends to guide the twin sisters through the puzzles in a mysterious temple filled with perilous monsters.

1) Endling - Extinction is Forever

Release Date: Spring 2022

Endling is a heart-touching story of the last mother fox, who sets out in a quest to save her cubs from the devastation caused by human actions. Players embark on a gut-wrenching journey as they witness the aftermath of the rampant behavior of humans. The devs are not shy about the socio-political subtext of the game, which is a breath of fresh air. This was arguably one of the standouts from Nintendo's Indie World Showcase 2021.

Other announcements of new games from Nintendo's Indie World Showcase 2021 included Dungeon Munchies, Figment 2: Creed Valley, Letts Play! Oink Games, OlliOlli World, and River City Girls 2.

Out of the games announced at the Showcase getting a Switch port, Omori deserves the most attention.

Other Switch port announcements at the Indie World Showcase 2021 were Parkasaurus, Don’t Starve Together, Chicory: A Colorful Tale, Baby Storm, GRIME, Gerda: A Flame in Winter, Timelie, and Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery.