Top 5 memorable characters in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Saint 14's death tomb (image source via Bungie)
Destiny 2 Saint 14's death tomb (image source via Bungie)

Amidst all the Destiny 2 gameplay content for the Guardians to dive in, there lies a story of Light versus the Dark, Good versus the Evil, and various political agendas against numerous races.

Within these stories during the course of the journey over the past four years, there have been many memorable characters that stand out in the story of Destiny 2.

Disclaimer: Minor spoilers

These are the five memorable characters in Destiny 2

5) The Drifter

The Drifter in Destiny 2 is more than just a vendor in-game that provides Gambit bounties. His story is rather profound and takes him back to the times when Guardians didn't even exist.

Destiny 2: The Drifter (image source Bungie)
Destiny 2: The Drifter (image source Bungie)

During the Dark Ages, Light Bearers used to impose harsh rules over mere mortal humans. These Light Bearers were known as Warlords. It is heavily implied that The Drifter could be one of these warlords. The reign of the Warlords ended by the wrath of other light bearers who called themselves Iron Lords.

"At the end of the Gambit match, Drifter says these words: Haven't seen shooting like that since an Iron Lady named Efrideet ruined my bar. The Dark Age was wild times."

The Drifter used to wander spaces collecting scraps and other things that he could get his hands on. He and his crew, after losing their light during the Red War, came face to face with a conflict that made Drifter the last man standing.

It is a mystery how the Drifter got hold of the creatures used in The Gambit. There is no clear source on the origins of Primevals.

Drifter is mysterious, cunning and gives off a vibe of sheer untrust, which is probably why it makes him a character to look out for.

The Drifter can be found near the Annex waypoint in the Tower.

4) Eris Morn

Eris Morn is one of the most tragic characters in Destiny 2. Very few have faced the same fate and suffering as Eris Morn. Few blame her for the condition she's in. Others are scared of her, thinking she might not even be a human.

Destiny 2 eris morn and nightmares of her fireteam (image source Bungie)
Destiny 2 eris morn and nightmares of her fireteam (image source Bungie)

Eris Morn was a Hunter and a very ambitious one at that. To take down Crota, she formed a fireteam. The fireteam consists of Eriana-3, a Warlock; Sai Mota, a Hunter, Vell Tarlowe, a Titan; Omar Agah, a Titan; and Toland, an expert on Hive arcana.

Five of the six fireteam members were brutally killed by Crota and his underlings, leaving Eris inside Hellmouth alone for countless years, eventually losing her ghost and eyes.

After stealing eyes from a hive member and returning to earth, Ikora Rey sheltered her and promised to help her seek revenge.

Eris Morn can be found near the Sanctuary waypoint on the Moon.

3) Mara Sovv

Ruler of the Awoken, Queen of the Reef, and known by many other aliases, Mara Sovv, is one of the most important characters in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Mara Sovv (image source via Bungie)
Destiny 2 Mara Sovv (image source via Bungie)

Mara Sovv is enigmatic, cold, and proud of her race. She's a queen of very few words and will go to whatever ruthless measures are necessary to ensure the safety of her people.

Her brother, Uldren Sovv, is the only person who dares to question her decisions and opinions. Despite this, he's the only one trusted enough to stay close to her side as Mara believes in her brother's ability to gather information and his opinions. In return, Uldren is very loyal to his sister.

2) Saint-14

With humble beginnings, Saint-14 is an exo legendary Titan who made a name for himself by rescuing many people and guiding them back into the Last City.

He was terrific friends with the Speaker and Osiris. In Last City, he led numerous crusades against fallen attacks, all of which triumphed flawlessly at the leadership of Saint.

Destiny 2 saint 14 (image source Bungie)
Destiny 2 saint 14 (image source Bungie)

When he heard about Osiris's disappearance on the Mercury, he went into the Infinite forest searching for him, eventually ending up killing countless and endless numbers of vex, which proved to be futile at the end and killing him. Saint-14 ended up killing so many Vex that the non-existent mind of the entire vex race learned to respect him and made him a tombstone for his dead body.

Osiris, out of guilt, made a time machine called the Sundial, which in turn, used by the Guardian, brings back Saint-14 in the present time, alive and well in Destiny 2.

Saint-14 can be found in the Hangar area of the Tower.

1) Cayde-6

It is unfortunate to bid farewell to one of the most beloved characters in the Destiny franchise. But sometimes, with a character's death, it finally reveals how much a community loves him.

EDestiny 2 forsaken (img source Bungie)
EDestiny 2 forsaken (img source Bungie)

Much like most of the Exos, behind Cayde-6's humorous charm and charismatic personality, there was once a man with flesh and bones. Cayde-6 was one of the few Exos that remembered his time as a human.

Cayde-6 worked as a mercenary for Clovis Bray before his time as an Exo. A deal going wrong for Clovis Bray secured Cayde a fate worse than death, to be transformed into a capable war machine.

Cayde-6 was an exo-Hunter in both the stories of Destiny 1 and Destiny 2, a renowned gunslinger and one of the three leaders of the Vanguard in the Last City.

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