Top 5 mystery & detective game deals of Steam Summer Sale 2021

Steam Summer Sale 2021, the annual sale of video games on Steam, is currently ongoing with massive discounts across the table.

The annual Steam Summer Sale has become a tradition for PC gamers to pick up brand new games for a steep discount. The Current Steam Summer Sale started on June 24th and will last until 8th July 2021.

The Steam Summer Sale brings in massive discounts on video games from all genres from fighter, sports & racing to anime to RPGs.

The annual Steam Summer Sale is underway

Mystery & Detective games are the ones where the player has to uncover a story by playing through and deducing clues. The game gives the player a thrilling ride to learn more and solve the hidden mystery

Here are the best mystery & detective game deals during the Steam Summer Sale 2021.

Sherlock Holmes the Devil’s Daughter


Developer: Facepunch Studio (Facepunch Studio)

Price: ₹87/-

Included: Sherlock Holmes the Devil’s Daughter

Sherlock Holmes, created by Arthur Conan Doyle, is the most recognizable fictional detective. Set during the Victorian Era, Sherlock Holmes: Devil’s Daughter follows the titular detective and Dr. Watson as they uncover a mystery.

Telltale Batman Shadows Edition


Developer: Telltale Games (Telltale Games)

Sale Price: ₹260/-

Included: Batman: The Telltale Series (Episodes 1-5), Batman: The Enemy Within (Episodes 1-5), Batman Shadows Mode

The Telltale Batman duology is a very uncommon take on Batman that lets players experience an amazing story in a different light. The series highlights the often forgotten aspect of Batman, the character of Bruce Wayne.

Heavy Rain


Developer: Quantic Dream (Quantic Dream)

Price: ₹449/-

Included: Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain by Quantic Dream is an amazing story experience where the player hunts for the identity of the Origami Killer. Filled with twists and amazing storytelling, Heavy Rain is a must-play game.

The Room Collection


Developer: Fireproof Games (Fireproof Games)

Price: ₹412/-

Included: The Room, The Room Two, The Room Three, The Room 4 Old Sins

The Room is a series of puzzle games that slowly covers a deep and intriguing story experience.

What Remains of Edith Finch


Developer: Giant Sparrow (Annapurna Interactive)

Price: ₹197/-

Included: What Remains of Edith Finch

What Remains of Edith Finch is a walking simulator that slowly uncovers a gripping story.