Top 5 Roblox games to play in 2022

World Zero, a Roblox every player should try (Image via Roblox)
World Zero, a Roblox every player should try (Image via Roblox)

Roblox is home to an immeasurable number of games made by Roblox developers and players. Some are fun projects, while others aim to create a powerful experience.

Among this list is something for everyone. None are better than others, and it isn’t listed in any particular order. Every Roblox game here should be tried at least once.

Roblox: Top 5 games to try and play in 2022

5) Adopt Me!


Adopt Me! is a smash hit on Roblox. Thousands of players can be seen playing the game at any time and for good reasons. It’s fun, addicting, and relaxing.

There’s very little stress involved in Adopt Me! as a game. It’s nothing but a little sandbox for players to collect pets. They can be hatched from various eggs, which have different rarities. On top of that, players can collect items and furnish their own homes.

4) Bloxburg


Another relaxing, no-stress-necessary kind of game is Bloxburg. Unlike Adopt Me!, Bloxburg leans more heavily into roleplaying as a person in a much bigger world. Players are given the tools to build their own houses.

To do that, however, players have to make money. They can get jobs, make money, and rise in the ranks. At the same time, there’s a lovely social aspect to it, considering others live in and around each other.

3) World Zero


Roblox’s catalog of MMO-style games is limited but strong. Few Roblox games have so much content for players to dive into, not to mention their game mechanics.

World Zero is a fantasy MMORPG with a robust roleplaying system. There are multiple classes to play, skills to learn, gears to find, and worlds to explore, all of that with an impressive art style.

2) Jailbreak


Jailbreak happens when Roblox meets Grand Theft Auto and the children’s game cops-and-robbers. Jump into a game, and a choice is immediately presented: play as a criminal or join the police force.

There are various places to rob for money after breaking out of prison as a criminal. As a cop, players have to stop, arrest, and send the criminals back to prison. In between all that are cars to use as getaway cars or running down criminals and side-missions to complete.

1) Anime Fighting Simulator


Anime is huge on Roblox. There are dozens of anime and manga to draw inspiration from. And they take all forms like RPGs, adventure games, and fighting games. However, they tend to focus on one property; Anime Fighting Simulator mashes many popular properties into one Roblox game.

Players can experience levels straight from popular anime and manga as their characters. The fun comes from its RPG elements, including weapons, skills, and classes. In addition to completing quests from popular anime characters.

With so many great games available on Roblox, don't limit the experience to just these games. These are simply excellent examples of what time, the right tools, and talented developers can create on Roblox.

Note: The article reflects the author's views.

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