Top 5 strongest Fighting moves in Pokemon

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company
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Fighting-type Pokemon are the epitome of strong and sturdy battlers in the franchise.

The likes of Conkeldurr, Machamp, and the Hitmons have made a great name for Fighting-type Pokemon. They have access to some incredibly powerful moves.


There are a ton of Fighting-type moves that deal massive damage. There are even Pokemon of other types that can learn some of the most devastating Fighting-type moves.

Top 5 strongest Fighting moves in Pokemon

#5 - Focus Blast


Focus Blast is a Fighting-type move introduced in Generation IV. It has a low 70% Accuracy but great 120 Power. On top of the huge damage, it has a 10% chance to lower the target Pokemon's Special Defense. Focus Blast deals Special Damage. That means that if the Special Defense is lowered, landing another Focus Blast will be deadly if the first one doesn't do the trick.

#4 - Superpower


Superpower is another 120 Power Fighting-type attack. It has 100% Accuracy, though. It does a lot of Physical Damage. Side effects of Superpower are the user's Attack and Defense lower by one stage. The reason it ranks just a bit higher than Focus Blast is because of the Accuracy. There are plenty of Pokemon who can learn it by leveling up, TM/TR, breeding, or the Move Tutor.

#3 - High Jump Kick


High Jump Kick has had several changes across different generations of Pokemon. It originally had 85 Power and did 1 HP in crash damage. After Generation V, its current stats are 90% Accuracy and 130 Power. If the user misses, crash damage received is now always equal to half the Pokemon's max HP rounded down. If it doesn't miss, this is a wicked Fighting-type move.

#2 - Focus Punch


Focus Punch has 100% Accuracy with a monstrous 150 Power. The move is decreasing in priority, however. This means it will always move near the end of the turn.

If players are damaged by the opposing Pokemon, they will lose focus, and the move will not take place. If players remain undamaged, Focus Punch can be sent out to do crazy damage.

#1 - Meteor Assault


Meteor Assault is the signature move of Sirfetch'd. The evolution of Galarian Farfetch'd has access to the most powerful Fighting-type move in all of Pokemon.

It has 150 Power and 100% Accuracy. The only downside is that Sirfetch'd will have a recharge turn after it is used. Solid damage with only a recharge setback is incredible.

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