Top 5 Pokemon that deserved a Mega Evolution

Mega Evolutions were given mostly to already popular and powerful Pokemon (Image via WallpaperSafari)
Mega Evolutions were given mostly to already popular and powerful Pokemon (Image via WallpaperSafari)

The days of Pokemon that can Mega Evolve have come and gone, but fans still discuss those who should have received this boon.

There are 46 Pokemon who received Mega Evolutions and 48 Mega Evolutions in total. These Mega Evolutions were given mostly to already popular and powerful Pokemon, though a few less popular Pokemon were granted Mega Evolutions.

However, despite the somewhat wide number of Mega Evolutions added, there were undoubtedly several other Pokemon that deserved Mega Evolutions but did not receive them.

Five Pokemon that most deserved a Mega Evolution

#5 - Chesnaught/Delphox/Greninja

Image via Namikazes on DeviantArt
Image via Namikazes on DeviantArt

Maybe these three Pokemon didn't need a Mega Evolution as far as usability or popularity goes, but thematically, they deserved to have Mega Evolutions.

The Generation I starters each received a Mega Evolution. Actually, scratch that. One Generation I starter received two Mega Evolutions, and the Generation III starters received Mega Evolutions. While this isn't the same, the Generation VII starters each received their unique Z-moves, and the Generation VIII starters got Gigantimax forms.

These three starters were cut out of their own game's biggest gimmick, while each of the following (and even one of the previous) sets of starters received unique traits.

#4 - Xerneas/Yveltal

Image via
Image via

For much the same reason as the starters for the Kalos region, these two Pokemon were gypped out of their own Mega Evolutions. Mewtwo from Generation I received two Mega Evolutions, and the token Generation III legendaries received Primal/Mega forms.

Despite being dominantly featured in the game where Mega Evolutions were introduced, these two did not receive any.

The only reason why these two are higher on the list than Kalos's starters is because one of the starters, Greninja, is still incredibly popular to this day. These two could've used the attention far more than Greninja alone did.

#3 - Machamp

Image via t@kuyoa on Danbooru
Image via [email protected] on Danbooru

There is a semi-official trio of Pokemon in Generation I, one that evolved via trading. These were the speedster Ghost-type Gengar, the ultra-powerful Psychic-type Alakazam, and the super-buff Fighting-type Machamp.

Machamp has gotten the short end of the stick every single time. Out of the three, it will lose a battle with the other two every time, being a Fighting-type going up against a Ghost-type and Psychic-type.

Gengar even got a better deal after the physical/special split of Generation IV, and then both Gengar and Alakazam received Mega Evolutions in Generation VI.

Of course, this isn't all about which Pokemon are getting left out of a group. Machamp did, after all, finally get included when it got its own Gigantimax form in Generation VIII.

In general, Machamp is a Pokemon that has never been particularly great and could have really used a pick-me-up during Generation VI in the form of a coveted Mega Evolution.

#2 - Excadrill

Image via ashmish on DeviantArt
Image via ashmish on DeviantArt

Generation V did not receive much attention in the form of Mega Evolutions. In fact, the sole Pokemon that received a Mega Evolution from that generation, Audino, was totally underwhelming.

Excadrill is a powerful and popular Pokemon from Generation V who would have been an excellent candidate for a Mega Evolution. It certainly didn't need the buff, considering how often it was used in competitive play. But then again, neither did Metagross, Gengar, Salamance, Alakazam, etc., etc.

So if Pokemon are being given Mega Evolutions only for popularity's sake, then how about a little love for Generation V's premier team sweeper?

#1 - Regigigas

Image via William Wendling on ArtStation
Image via William Wendling on ArtStation

Regigigas is a phenomenal Pokemon when it comes to lore, design, stats, and moves. Despite all of this, it's still a near unusable Pokemon. Why? Because of its ability, Slow Start, which halves both its attack and speed stat for the first five turns of battle.

The player's choices are to either stall the opponent for five turns or suffer through its now awful speed and middling attack.

Regigigas deserved a Mega Evolution so that, for the first time, it could be considered a viable Pokemon to use. This primordial Pokemon is the ultimate example of how a single buff, a single extra bit of care from the creators of Pokemon, could create an amazingly cool and powerful Pokemon.

And it's also an example of how often Pokemon like this get overlooked.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer's opinions.

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