Top 5 strongest Fire-type moves in Pokemon

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company
Brandon Moore

Fire-type Pokemon and their moves are some of the strongest in the entire franchise.

Fans of Pokemon will always be fond of a devastating Flamethrower or Fire Blast. In the games and the anime series, Fire-type moves are incredibly powerful, even to those that may resist the Fire-typing.

In terms of power though, there are just a handful that rise above the rest. Some well-known and signature Fire-type moves do insane amounts of damage to opposing Pokemon.

Top 5 strongest Fire-type moves in Pokemon

#5 - Eruption

Eruption has a massive 150 Power rating in the Pokemon games. It deals damage based on the user's HP, however. A Pokemon with max HP using Eruption will deal huge damage. It can connect with both opponents in a Double Battle as well. It is most commonly seen in the moveset of Torkoal, but others such as Typhlosion and Camerupt can learn it too.

#4 - Blast Burn

Blast Burn is a move that can be taught to fully evolved Fire-type starter Pokemon. That means Charizard, Typhlosion, Blaziken, Infernape, Emboar, Delphox, Incineroar, and Cinderace. It also has 150 Power. There are no tricks in terms of dealing damage. It is just a super strong Fire-type move. Users do have to recharge after each use, unless the move misses.

#3 - Mind Blown

Mind Blown is Blacephalon's signature move. This Ultra Beast maneuver has a similar 150 Power, but it boasts 100% Accuracy. Mind Blown deals damage, then dishes out some damage to the user equal to half its maximum HP, rounded up. While this is a setback, it should do enough damage to knock just about any Pokemon out. This is due to the Same Type Attack Bonus and the massive Special Attack stat of Blacephalon, at a base of 151.

#2 - Shell Trap

Shell Trap is the signature move of Turtonator. The focus is around Turtonator's Defense, which is a base of 135. Shell Trap has decreased priority and only succeeds if the opposing Pokemon connects a Physical Attack. Shell Trap will be used immediately after that attack connects, dealing insane damage to the Pokemon unlucky enough to take a swing at Turtonator.

#1 - V-Create

V-Create is the signature move of Victini, but the 15th Anniversary Rayquaza event Pokemon will know it upon receipt. It has 90% Accuracy and 180 Power. V-Create deals massive damage to opposing Pokemon. There are some setbacks for this move however. The user will lose one stage of Defense, Special Defense, and Speed. Still, this is the highest Power Fire-type move.

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