Top 5 sweaty Fortnite skins as of April 2021

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda

Sweats are considered to be a real problem in Fortnite, especially for those who love playing the game just for the fun of it. Sweats usually work extra hard to grab that victory royale in every match, and they can build an entire fort almost instantly, even when it's not required.

There are a few skins that are termed as "sweaty" because sweats use them a lot in Fortnite. Here is a list of the sweatiest skins in Fortnite as of April 2021.

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5 Sweatiest skins in Fortnite as of April 2021

#1 Diamond Diva


The Diamond Diva is a very sweaty skin in Fortnite. It was introduced in December 2020 as a part of the Diamond Diva starter pack. This skin was previously known as the Ice Raider. Players should be careful while taking this skin on in a game of Fortnite. Those sporting this skin tend to have the capacity to build ramps, walls and boxes almost instantaneously.

#2 Crystal


The Crystal skin in Fortnite was introduced back in Season X. This is one of the older skins in the game. Anyone playing with this skin has been around for a while now, and in all probability, is quite skilled as well. Players need to turn around, run, and never look back, if they ever see a Crystal skin on the horizon.

#3 Dummy


The Dummy in Fortnite is a pretty sweaty skin in the game. Dummy has a smaller hit box thanks to the thin waist area it boasts, making it harder for players to hit. This is a good option for players who love to go the extra mile to win a game in Fortnite.

#4 Soccer skins


Soccer skins, especially the female soccer skins, scream "sweaty" in Fortnite. Similar to the Dummy, even these skins have a smaller hit box, thanks to the thin frame of the skin. Not only are these skins harder to hit, but players with these skins usually have the capacity to build ramps and walls without batting an eyelid. These skins have been in the Fortnite item shop many times and are a pretty common sight in the game.

#5 Siren


Siren is a rare outfit in Fortnite and it was a part of the Benjyfishy locker bundle. Since this skin was a part of a locker bundle, sweats raced to get their hands on this skin, just to prove that they're as good as the Fortnite pros running this skin

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