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Top 5 teams to watch out for in PMPL; can Team SouL make a comeback?

  • Let's look at the top 5 contenders to win the PMPL 2020.
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Modified 11 Mar 2020, 18:25 IST

PMPL SA will be an online event.
PMPL SA will be an online event.

As the Pro League closes in, teams will have their eyes on the trophy as well as look to seize the limited slots available to advance to the World League. The Pro League will be an interesting event for all PUBG Mobile fans as the Indian teams have shown a shift in approach, adding elements of aggression to sound strategical moves in their armory in an attempt to defeat the challenges faced at the international stage.

In this article we'll discuss about the top 5 teams to watch out for in the PUBG Mobile Pro League 2020.


Entity Gaming (Now TSM-ENT), have been the most consistent team this year. They have been able to dominate the Indian PUBG Mobile domain for quite a while now by sticking to what they professed, to go all out and be extra aggressive, thus instilling fear among their opponents. Although they haven't played any big tournaments of late and are yet to be tested, Entity Gaming is one of the teams to watch out for in PMPL 2020.

Ghatak, in a recent interview with Sportskeeda, has stressed maintaining a healthy kill difference and defending their top spot on the leaderboard. The team will be led by ex Team SouL member, Clutchgod, who has been really successful when it comes to playing LAN events, soaking in pressure, and seeing the team home in crunch moments. The quartet of Jonathan, Neyooooo, ZGod and Clutchgod with Ghatak mentoring the team, is an exciting prospect to see for the fans as they like to go gung-ho. Clutchgod will be the first choice IGL for Entity Gaming.

TSM-ENT Roster:

Clutchgod - IGL

Zgod - Entry Fragger

Jonathan - Assaulter

Neyooooo - Assaulter

Ghatak - Support and IGL


#2. Fnatic

Fnatic didn't have the best of times playing PUBG Mobile Club Open 2020, as they barely managed to qualify for the Pro League. They are stuck between playing passive and going overly aggressive at times, leading to an inconsistent performance from them throughout the tournament. However it is pertinent to realise too that in a shattering performance lies the seeds of some amazing lessons. Fnatic has the best man in the form of Sc0ut to march the team to glory and redemption and the best opprtunity to win the Pro League.

Their performance in previous tournaments has been exceptional, with a PMAS 2019 victory and the securing of 8th place in the Peacekeeper Elite Championship. This will most certainly inspire them to add yet another trophy to their arsenal. Having said that, it's not merely winning that counts but also the manner in which the win is fashioned. Victories achieved and moments won under difficult and hostile circumstances carry more pride and are cherished more. PEC is so prestigious because it takes place under the most grueling circumstances and is as much a test of character as it is of cycling skills. We've covered Fnatic and Sc0ut's PEC journey in detail, read here.

Fnatic probably will see a new face adding in to the existing roster. Sc0ut has mentioned in this live stream that Franky who also played for Team IND, will be featuring in the tournament and their is a try-out going on. However there are no official announcement as of yet. Fnatic will come up with new plans, new rotations and with a different approach, which is why they'll be in our list of teams to watch out for this PMPL.

FNATIC Roster:

Owais - Filter

Ash - Support

Ronak - Sniper

Paritosh - Assaulter

Sc0ut - IGL & Scout

#3. GodLike Esports

GodLike, the champions of PMCO 2020 Spring Split India, are on a roll. Pairing a mixture of aggression and perfect strategical plays, this team will definitely be a threat. The veteran Smokie, who is also ex -Team Insidious, will be leading the team.

CarryBTC from GodLike was the top fragger of PMCO India finals, bagging as many as 35 kills to his name.


Gill - Sniper

Smokie - IGL

Xz1st - Assaulter

CarryBTC - Assaulter

KrontenBTC - Support


Orange Rock is another team which has been able to deliver consistent performances. They have been able to figure out the perfect balance to keep the team on top. OR's strength is their prompt decision-making abilities and an equally powerful fragging skills of the entire team.

Under Mavi's leadership, many young players like Daljitsk and Anto flowered. He empowered them and gave them confidence so that they could become match-winners.


Mavi - IGL

John - Support

Anto - Assaulter

Daljitsk - Sniper

VampireOP - Assaulter

#5. TEAM SouL

T eam SouL
T eam SouL

Although SouL haven't been able to put out impact performances of late, they are a team one can never take lightly. When it comes to playing out difficult phases, Team SouL is equipped to take their team home. Both Mortal and Viper has abundance of international experience and can upset anyone on their day. The crowd backing has always been their x-factor.

SOUL Roster:

Viper - Support

Sangwan - IGL

Aman - Assaulter

Regaltos - Assaulter

Mortal - Filter and Sniper

While these are top contenders to win the Pro League, teams like Megastars, Marcos Gaming, Team Tamilians are never out of the race. It will be interesting to see who has the last laugh. Pro League was scheduled to start from 12th of March, but given the massive outbreak of Coronavirus in the country, the officials have decided to turn this into an online event.

Published 10 Mar 2020, 13:42 IST
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