Top 5 tips to rank up quickly in PUBG Mobile Lite Season 23

Rank climbing in games like PUBG Mobile Lite can be quite the task (Image via Fire Emperor/YouTube)
Rank climbing in games like PUBG Mobile Lite can be quite the task (Image via Fire Emperor/YouTube)

Season 23 of PUBG Mobile Lite has just started, and the rank-level tiers and the Winner Pass missions have been reset. It is now time for the players to re-grind their way to the top.

However, because of the increased competition, gamers often find grinding difficult. Hence, they must try to stick to a specific gameplay strategy and be consistent to improve their skills in the game.

This article shares some of the best tips for players to level up their gameplay and push ranks quickly in PUBG Mobile Lite Season 23.

Most valuable tips to level up ranks quickly in PUBG Mobile Lite Season 23

#1 - Correct choice of weapons

Weapon combinations can be key in rank climbing (Image via
Weapon combinations can be key in rank climbing (Image via

In PUBG Mobile Lite, players must always select or have the right combination of weapons on the battlefield. The best combo is an Assault Rifle and an SMG or Sniper Rifle.

This blend has the potential to be effective over both the long and mid-ranges. Players who prefer only close-range combat may equip an SMG instead of the Sniper.

#2 - Choose the best landing spot


Choosing the best landing spot is equally vital while leveling up in the rank tiers. Pushing ranks quickly requires more points, which can only be earned by surviving till the end.

The more the survival time in a match, the more the number of rank points. Hence, players should avoid early fights and drop far away from the path of flight.

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#3 - Carrying a vehicle

Image via gamingshackTV
Image via gamingshackTV

It is always important to carry a vehicle. It not only aids in fast and secure ground movement but also serves as a shelter for players during the final circles when no other cover is available.

Hence, cars are beneficial as a quicker means of transport as well as instant shelter.

#4 - Using utilities

Image via
Image via

Using utilities like smoke grenades, stun grenades, and explosives is crucial during tactical fights. To gain an advantage over enemies, players need to either distract or knock them down by using these utilities.

They come in handy during critical situations when gamers need shelter or to knock enemies camping inside houses.

#5 - Carrying sufficient health packs


Health packs are also one of the major utilities in PUBG Mobile Lite that players need to survive longer in matches.

Carrying enough health packs will ensure faster HP recovery for players, allowing them to engage enemies much more quickly.

Note: These are some of the tips that the writer finds beneficial. Every player has their gameplay preferences.

Also Note: The article initially said that it showcased tips to level up the Winner Pass quickly. This was an error, and it has now been fixed to show that it is about ranking up in the game. We apologise for any confusion caused.

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