Top 5 tricks to win every Search and Destroy match in COD Mobile Season 2

Search and Destroy is a fantastic mode in COD Mobile (Image via Activision)
Search and Destroy is a fantastic mode in COD Mobile (Image via Activision)
Rishab Chakladar

Search and Destroy is one of the most entertaining multiplayer modes in COD Mobile Season 2. Players can play this mode after reaching the Elite rank.

There are two teams in this mode, and each side consists of five players. One unit needs to plant a bomb at one of two locations (A and B sites) on the map. The other team needs to stop their opponents from planting the bomb or defuse a planted explosive.

The match goes across a series of rounds, and the team to win five rounds first claims victory.

Five tips for better results in Search and Destroy matches in COD Mobile Season 2

Players can win rounds by eliminating all enemies or stopping the other team from detonating the bomb within a round’s time limit. Here are some tips and tricks for players to get better results in this mode in COD Mobile.

#1 - Loadout choices

Players need to equip a perfect loadout to win games. In this mode, they need to be ready for close combat fights, meaning SMGs and ARs are much more helpful.

Setting the right Perks will also allow gamers to have a high chance of survival throughout the game. Dead Silence is a commonly used one.

Dead Silencer Perk
Dead Silencer Perk

Players can equip the UAV scorestreak as well, as it is also helpful in this mode.

#2 - Perfect use of Tactical and Lethal weapons

Making the best use of Tactical and Lethal weapons can increase the chances of winning in S&D matches in COD Mobile.

Smoke Grenades are the most useful Tactical weapon in this regard. Players can use them as temporary cover for changing positions and planting bombs, as opponents will not be able to see them inside the smoke.


#3 - Fighting from effective cover

Using vantage points on maps to gain a one-way angle on enemies can be beneficial. A good example is hiding behind the car in the Nuketown map in COD Mobile.

It will help players take up the perfect positions to catch enemies off-guard. They must always avoid open fights and take cover, helping secure the advantage when looking to take down opponents.


#4 - Chokepoint camping

Specific paths and lanes on the map cover intersections that are known as chokepoints. An example is the A site lane in Killhouse in COD Mobile.

Camping at these areas will help players trap opponents rotating around the map. This simple trick will cause trouble to enemies when they are attempting to retake control of a site.


#5 - Coordination and two-player movement


COD Mobile is not always about getting the most kills. S&D is a game mode where players can coordinate and move in groups of two. Some of the best strategies revolve around efficient two-player movement.

Holding off specific bombsites with two camping teammates is the oldest trick in the book. Trade game is critical in this mode, as is communication with the team to give each other the perfect calls.

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