Top 5 unpopular landing spots in Fortnite Season 6 to avoid 'sweats'

{Image via Epic Games}
{Image via Epic Games}

Players are well-acquainted with the new map featured in Fortnite Season 6, though, with this familiarization, sweats and aggressive players have found their favorite landing spots.

For casual players, knowing where to drop to avoid immediate action makes all of the difference in their battlefield experience.

Top 5 unpopular Landing Spots in Fortnite Season 6 to avoid 'Sweats'

Sweaty Fortnite gamers and casual players alike are finally getting a feel for the map layout in Season 6. While some players enter a match looking to be directly involved in the action, other players enjoy moving towards a #1 Victory Royale at a more relaxed pace. These drop spots may be the perfect locations for the latter situations.

#5 - Fortnite's Steamy Stacks

Perhaps the most unpopular drop spot, Steamy Stacks actually holds a decent amount of loot. Featuring the literal Steamy Stacks that the location is named after, once players are done looting, they can jump into the stacks for the opportunity to redeploy their gliders and head further inland faster.

#4 - Catty Corner

Another drop spot along the edge of the map, Catty Corner features an NPC with a valuable weapon. Should players be able to defeat her in a duel, Zenith will drop an Epic Assault Rifle. Though this drop spot may be occupied by another player or two hoping to secure the weapon, Catty Corner is mostly empty.

#3 - Stealthy Stronghold

Fortnite's Stealthy Stronghold offers plenty of loot to players along with several fishing spots. After casting a few lines and catching some explosive Cuddle Fish to set traps with, loopers can interact with Lara Croft, who may be willing to be hired.

#2 - Misty Meadows

With the NPC Bandolette nearby, Misty Meadows is a corner drop spot that allows players to loot and prepare for the battlefield on their own time. Including lots of buildings which provide plenty of chests to open, the location also features the iconic clocktower.

#1 - Coral Castle

While there is not a lot of loot available for Fortnite players in this location, the aesthetic alone makes Coral Castle an exciting place to drop. Casual players who enjoy exploring exciting venues can drop at Coral Castle to fish and find boats before easing into Sweaty Sands to face opponents.

While some Fortnite players are strictly entering the battlefield to win a #1 Victory Royale, others enjoy taking in the scenery of the map, completing challenges along the way. Should casual players be looking to avoid sweaty opponents, they could consider dropping into any of these locations.

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