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Top 5 Valorant community cosplays 

(Image Credit: Riot Games)
(Image Credit: Riot Games)
Brandon Moore
Modified 03 Oct 2020, 22:01 IST
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The COVID-19 pandemic made a lot of the future unknown. When it came to gaming, events of all kinds had to be cancelled. Conventions and tournaments alike, were all postponed or completely taken off of the schedule. Riot Games however, made sure to keep Valorant rolling.

Valorant blew up over the summer and hosted many online events. Regions across the world took part in online competition, that proved that Valorant is one of the top esports events, after only a short time. Fans outside of the competitive sphere didn't stop either. Cosplayers couldn't show off their creativity in person, but took to the internet instead.

5 amazing Valorant cosplays

#5 – Black Ace Cosplay (Phoenix)

Black Ace is a cosplayer who ventures into a variety of genres. He took a shot at Valorant and it came out wonderfully. Black Ace Cosplay did a project where he became the English Valorant Agent Phoenix. Phoenix is known for his ability to control and conjure fire. With some magical effects, Black Ace was able to bring Phoenix to life. His Instagram plays host to the entire photo shoot.

#4 – Farbenfuchs (Killjoy)


Killjoy is the most recent Valorant Agent added to the game. That is sure to change when the new act arrives. But for now, the German tech guru is able to lock down and gather information with her gadgets. Cosplayer Farbenfuchs decided to show off her best Killjoy impersonation. The photo of Killjoy with her laptop is a great recreation of one of the agent's official release images.

#3 – Glory Lamothe (Killjoy)

Another Killjoy cosplay comes from Glory Lamothe. This interpretation of the Valorant Agent goes above and beyond. The photo shoot that goes along with it, stands out over all other Killjoy cosplays. Glory Lamothe sets herself in a colorful and techy background, much like the manner in which Killjoy was shown as she entered Valorant. It really looks like she could play Killjoy in a movie with this spot-on cosplay.


#2 – Twin Cosplay (Breach)

Twin Cosplay decided to tackle Breach. This cosplay attempt at the Valorant Initiator is outstanding. The work done on the photo shoot is miles above impressive. Breach is known for his mechanical arms that can send a variety of shockwaves, tremors, and flashes towards his opponents. Everything from the orange pony tail, beard, vest, and arms are showcased expertly in this cosplay.

#1 – Peyton Cosplay (Viper)

Viper is one of Valorant's Controller Agents. As her name implies, she uses poisons of all kinds to impair enemies' and slowly trickle away at their health points. Peyon Cosplayer brought the toxic specialist to life. The hair, the mask, the shades of green, and the effects added to indicate the toxins, are all done perfectly. From top to bottom, this is the best Valorant cosplay that has been done so far.

Disclaimer: This article is the opinion of the writer and does not reflect the opinions of others regarding the top Valorant cosplays.

Published 03 Oct 2020, 22:01 IST
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