Toxic xQc viewers harass GTA Online RP streamer KylieBitkin on live stream

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Image via Sportskeeda
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Fans of Felix "xQc" Lengyel displayed how toxic the internet can be after they harassed streamer KylieBitkin on live stream following an altercation on the NoPixel GTA Online RP server.

GTA Online has been around since 2013, after it was released alongside GTA V. Given the nature of GTA Online, RP servers thrive a lot. Many popular streamers have also turned to GTA Online given its popularity.

xQc fans harass KylieBitkin after an altercation on the GTA Online RP server


The incident occured after KylieBitkin's law enforcement officer character caught xQc's character red handed while robbing a bank. KylieBitkin's character went on to shoot xQc's character from behind, despite the occurrence of peaceful negotiations. This enraged xQc's fans, who went on to KylieBitkin's stream and started harassing her in the chat.

The incident turned from bad to ugly, forcing xQc to intervene. He had to tell his fans to not harass her, lest they wanted to get banned from his stream. xQc's move comes as a shift in his perspective. He was previously banned from the server after he allegedly told his fans to harass other NoPixel streamers.


Although the role-playing aspect of GTA Online can be quite fun, the inherent toxicity of the viewers have led streamers to rethink their decisions to continue playing. Many streamers have expressed their displeasure about the same, ruining the overall fun for the streamers and the viewers as well.

There's no possible way to control online toxicity unless people on the internet realize how harmful it actually is.

Despite all the online negativity, GTA Online still continues to thrive. Given its popularity, American rapper Lil Nas X went on to suggest a potential virtual concert in GTA Online.

Although there hasn't been any word on this matter from Rockstar Games, the studio behind the entire GTA franchise, a virtual concert may be possible in the game.


One of the recent updates in GTA Online saw the addition of a new casino known as Cayo Perico. The casino has a night club that plays popular numbers from real world creators. This feature of GTA Online makes the idea of an online concert very plausible.


Online concerts have been a thing in the world of gaming. Epic Games has successfully held a few online concerts in Fortnite featuring Travis Scott and Marshmello. If Rockstar Games does plan to do concerts in GTA Online, they could easily draw inspiration from the ones hosted in Fortnite

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