xQc banned from NoPixel for a 3rd time: The entire timeline of xQc's bans from NoPixel's GTA RP server

xQc has been banned from NoPixel's GTA RP server a total of three times, now.
xQc has been banned from NoPixel's GTA RP server a total of three times, now.
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Popular Twitch streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel has been banned from the Grand Theft Auto RP server, NoPixel 3.0, for the third time since the beginning of February 2021.

xQc has now been banned from the NoPixel role-playing server a total of three times. Each ban so far has initially been said to be permanent in nature, and were inflicted for different reasons.

The latest ban came about when xQc was apprehended in-game for killing a cop, and was sentenced to a hefty 224-month sentence. The cop that xQc killed had allegedly informed other in-game cops who had assaulted him despite being dead. This frustrated the streamer, as many of his viewers were accused of harassing other players.


xQc banned from NoPixel’s GTA RP server for third time since February 2021

Towards the end of February, xQc was banned from the NoPixel server after getting accused of breaking server rules. He had allegedly knocked down several role-players using his vehicle despite knowing that it was against the rules. The ban duration was said to be permanent, but was registered incorrectly. This allowed xQc to return to the server temporarily in the middle of the ban.


Despite being marked as permanent, the first ban ended up lasting for a period of ten days. During this time, the streamer tried his hands at some other GTA role-playing servers. This included the Grand Theft Auto SSB World RP server. However, xQc quickly returned to NoPixel once his ban was lifted.

The second ban came towards the beginning of March. The streamer was arrested by an in-game cop, and he was thoroughly displeased. He accused the player of intentionally driving slowly to increase his visibility on xQc’s stream. Upon arrest, xQc ended up using an exploit that allowed him to carry weapons when handcuffed and killed two in-game cops.

The second ban was also marked as permanent, and xQc released a statement accepting his mistakes.

"What I did is terrible, and it’s actual trash. I should be banned for it, and I have been banned for it."

Now, with the streamer getting banned again, he posted another apology on Twitter:

The latest ban comes after another player received a fair amount of harassment from xQc’s viewers. xQc’s in-game character, “X,” had killed the player who was role-playing as a cop. However, the cop in question ended up telling other in-game cops that it was xQc who assaulted him. This led to the streamer getting apprehended in-game, after which he was handed a hefty 224-month sentence.


This frustrated xQc, who accused the fellow player of “metagaming.” It is against the rules of the server to share information with other players after the death of the individual’s in-game character. Quite a few of xQc’s viewers ended up “hopping” onto the chat of the person who had shared the information. xQc was accused of encouraging them, and said that the “chat hoppers” had done nothing wrong.

“Don't blame chat hoppers for criticizing complete trashy behavior. Don't do it.”

xQc has since claimed that he talked to the server’s admins, and that he will be unbanned soon. During his 8th April stream, he said the following:

“For all the RP andys, if I’m unbanned, it will probably either later tonight or tomorrow. I spoke to the admins,”

Since the ban came about, xQc has been defended by fellow Twitch streamer Thomas “Sykkuno.”

On the other hand, Mike “Shroud” Grzesiek questioned xQc’s actions, and said that it is very difficult to get banned from NoPixel’s GTA RP server. He claimed that xQc should respect the rules of private servers and suggested that he should be banned permanently.

Regardless, as xQc has himself confirmed, he will be returning to the server very soon. The streamer also asked his viewers to stop spreading hatred against the player who he accused of “metagaming.” The third ban had also been marked as permanent, much like the previous two, but xQc is set to return to the RP server in the coming days.

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