'Trump on ya head, whole career taken hostage': The TikTok diss track drops online 

Image Credits: legaleraonline.com
Image Credits: legaleraonline.com

One of the most popular apps in the world, TikTok, has currently been enduring a tumultuous phase in the wake of the President of the United States, Donald Trump's decision to clamp down on Chinese-owned social media apps.

In a major development, the Chinese owner of TikTok chose Oracle over Microsoft as their technology partner. This move comes at a time when the clock is ticking down on President Trump's executive order to ban the app, which has a September 20th deadline.

The app is extremely popular among millions of millennials across the globe, and TikTok has always been criticized as a toxic environment, given its history of serving as a breeding ground for complex TikTok challenges.

In light of all the recent criticism, a YouTube channel called void, which is known for delivering 'diss tracks' on popular celebrities ranging from Pokimane to Mini Ladd, recently released a 'TikTok diss track.'

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The TikTok diss track


The track takes shots at eminent TikTok stars such as Bryce Hall and Tony Lopez, as the no-holds-barred lyrics tear into the shallowness of TikTok trends and the culture it tends to propagate in today's world.

Check out some of the diss track lyrics:

TikTok h**s getting treated like some Goddess , Trump on ya head, whole career taken hostage
You getting f****d up by Donald, lose yo app and then you gonna be dancing in McDonald's
TikTok ban got these b*****s in a frenzy, got me feeling embarrassed to be born inside of Gen-Z
Hype house, Sway house,man it's all the same shit ..buncha white kids tryna act like they Kpop ...lookin like some emo kids from a 90's boy band
Why you tryna look like Nick from Jimmy Neutron , keep partying, STD's catch them all like Pokemon!

With a ban looming over its head, check out some of the criticism that has been coming TikTok's way of late:

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