Mini Ladd releases an apology video on YouTube; the internet is not buying it 

Image Credits: Reddit
Image Credits: Reddit
Modified 06 Sep 2020

Craig Thompson, aka Mini Ladd, is a notable name in the streaming circuit who has around 5.59 million subscribers on YouTube.

Having risen through the ranks to become a popular YouTuber, Mini Ladd became renowned for his comedy sketches and vlogs. That helped him amass millions of followers across the globe as he rose to become one of the top 100 influencers in the UK.

Mini Ladd continued to enjoy mass popularity until recently when severe allegations were made against the 25-year-old-streamer.

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Two teenagers, aged 16 and 17, came forward and alleged that Mini Ladd was guilty of sending them inappropriate pictures and pressurised them to partake in sexual conversations. With the teenagers alleging that Ladd misused his position to exploit and take advantage of them, the accusations completely jolted his fans out of the blue

As these allegations went viral, they sent a ripple through his fan base. Amid mounting backlash, Mini Ladd decided to issue an official apology before subsequently also announcing that he had been undergoing a therapy:

Now, after two months, Mini Ladd has returned to YouTube to release an apology video where he addressed all of his past allegations.

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Mini Ladd's apology

In his apology video titled 'clearing the air', Mini Ladd began his apology by addressing the allegations against him:

"Now that some time has passed and I've had time to reflect on everything, I wanted to set the record straight. The first thing I want to talk about these allegations is I've never physically met them before , nor have I physically abused anybody across the board."
"I want to make people aware of that because those are serious allegations, and I wanted to put those rumours to bed."

He then went on to provide the reason behind his visit to Northern Ireland recently and also spoke about his therapy sessions:

"The only reason is because I wanted to see my family. There is no underlying reason, that's the only reason."
"I want to be on record saying I have been going to therapy every single week and I will continue to go to therapy every single week."

Mini Ladd then proceeded to address another allegation related to him and Camp 17:

"This person is accusing me of a few things ...the first one is a photo with me and the two other YouTubers is there, where a picture of us holding her in the air has come out, this is a photo taken at the very end of the summer camp. She said that I asked to pick her up, when for the photo she asked if myself and the others could pick her up , so what she's saying here is untrue."
"The second point she brings up is that I sat to close to her and her friends. At no point of time was anyone of us unmonitored , as there were also adults there and counsellors there, so at no point during this entire summer camp, was anybody unsupervised."
"The third point is that they claim I called them cute and pretty, this is completely fabricated and I did not say this, this is untrue."

Mini Ladd ended his video by saying:

"I will be better, I will continue to use my platform for good. I'm gonna continue to grow, continue to work on myself and admit when I'm wrong."

While Mini Ladd may have hoped to smoothen things up with his latest apology, the internet didn't seem to buy the same.

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Another YouTuber Diesel Patches, released a video where he called Mini Ladd's apology 'garbage' and stated the following :

"He tried to wear the storm like most scummy YouTubers who think they can just ignore the problem, and it will make it all go away. The point is, I just want to let you guys know that there was horrible shit that he did and just because he debunked some things that might be lies, doesn't mean that he's in the clear."

He then went on to comment on the manner in which Mini Ladd addressed the allegations:

"It seems to me that you just want to demonise them to look like the good guy. He admitted that these allegations are true, which include solicitation of a minor, pretty heavy shit."
"It's pretty obvious this video is just here to save his career, I guess, and in order to do that, he has to not focus on the real problem and address things that are not even real."

Check out some of the online reactions to Mini Ladd's apology:

With Mini Ladd's latest apology video, it appears that a large section of the online community didn't like it. It remains to be seen if Mini Ladd will succeed in making a comeback or fall victim to 'Cancel Culture'.

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Published 06 Sep 2020
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