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Twitch IRL streamer Jon Zherka pleads officer to cancel his 'parking ticket' in viral clip, gets wish fulfilled

Image Credits: Ninocentx/YouTube
Image Credits: Ninocentx/YouTube
Modified 13 Oct 2020, 09:45 IST

A clip of Jon Zherka has been circulating on the Live Stream Fails Reddit, and the ending was something that no one expected. That is unless they watch the streamer himself. Jon Zherka is a hybrid streamer who does both gameplay for titles such as Among Us, as well as In Real Life streams for his audience on Twitch.

Jon Zherka became popular back in 2019 after exposure from some bigger streamers, and he has continued to garner his own audience since then. Like many other IRL streamers, he walks around and looks for ways to get clips such as the one we're seeing now.

Twitch IRL streamer Jon Zherka pleads officer to cancel his 'parking ticket' in a viral clip, the plot twist will leave you in splits

Image Credits: Ninocentx/Youtube
Image Credits: Ninocentx/Youtube

The Jon Zherka clip starts with him getting back to a car and seeing that there is a ticket. He asks the man issuing the ticket how much the ticket was going to cost him, which he replied with $47. Jon Zherka then claimed that the given amount wasn't that bad, and followed that up by asking the man to delete the ticket.

Of course, the man issuing the ticket wasn't convinced and inquired more into why he should delete the ticket, or what exactly Jon Zherka was doing in the first place. This is an IRL clip, so there was bound to be some weird comedy injected into the situation.

Jon claimed that he was picking up a girl that he saw walk by and that he had to chase after her and get her number before she got away too fast. When the man goes back to telling Jon Zherka to pay the meter on his spot first, Jon offers up a new proposition.

He offers up a situation where if he really got the girl's number that the ticket would be deleted and the incident would be over from there. The man issuing the ticket instantly says no, as was expected, and Jon begins to walk off with a laugh.


When Jon Zherka starts walking away, the man becomes confused. First he congratulates him on the number and says, "good for you man." Then the congratulations quickly turns into questioning about if that car was really Jon's.

In the final seconds of the clip, Jon Zherka laughs and admits that it was never even his car, and that he was just farming clips for Twitch.

The clip itself can be found on reddit here.

Published 13 Oct 2020, 00:47 IST
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