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Twitch streamer banned after threatening to break son's neck on live stream; claims it was his dog

Twitch streamer KillaMfCamtv can expect to be off the platform for a while
Twitch streamer KillaMfCamtv can expect to be off the platform for a while
Modified 17 Feb 2021

Twitch streamer "KillaMfCam" has been banned from the platform after a clip of him threatening to "break the neck" of his 3-year-old son went viral.

The situation was highlighted on Twitter recently by another streamer, Frizzable. He explained what transpired after he killed KillaMfCam in a game of Escape From Tarkov:

Revealing that he tuned into his stream soon after their game ended, Frizzable disclosed a shocking instance of abusive behavior by KillaMfCam towards who is presumed to be his son.

As he visibly flies off his handle after being killed in a game of Escape from Tarkov, viewers can hear him taking out his frustration on a child, who begins to cry inconsolably in the background.

"Stop f*****g s***ting yourself, dude! How hard is that? Jesus Christ, man. God damn you stupid, motherf****r. I f*****g hate you, dude. Get the f**k out of my room, bro. Get out. I'm gonna break your f*****g neck, dude."

Apart from him shouting, a couple of loud thuds can also be heard in the background.

As a result of his abhorrent behavior, captured on live stream, Twitter became livid, with a slew of reactions slamming him for the same.

Twitch streamer slammed for abusive behavior towards adolescent, claims it was "his dog"


This is not the first instance of a parent being abusive towards their children on Twitch.

Last month, a streamer, buckkerz, faced severe backlash online for verbally abusing his baby on a live stream.

Now, in what seems to be an aggravated offense, Twitch streamer KillaMfCam has been labeled "absolute scum" for his recent demeanor towards his three-year-old son.

In his defense, he took to Twitter to clarify that he was actually speaking to his dog and not his son, a revelation which, if proved correct, doesn't exactly make things any better:


What makes the situation all the more mind-boggling is his Twitter bio, which ironically reads:

"Aspiring gamer, single father of a beautiful 3yr old."

The fact that his child is left alone in his hands constitutes a significant concern as several from the online community took to Twitter to call him out:


According to the latest updates, as dissent continues to mount online, KillaMfCam has now been banned by Twitch. This move comes as a relief to the online community:

In today's era of streaming and video games, Twitch streamers experiencing rage moments have become a steadily rising phenomenon.

The fact that, of late, children are being subjected to this kind of behavior constitutes a worrying concern in an age of streamer-driven content.

Viewers will certainly hope that Twitch continues to set the right precedent by immediately banning these kinds of offenders.

Published 17 Feb 2021, 16:06 IST
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