Twitch streamer CashMeow gets assaulted outside a restaurant in Japan after a serious confrontation

Cashmeow is a Japanese-American variety streamer (Image via Cashmeow/Twitch)
Cashmeow is a Japanese-American variety streamer (Image via Cashmeow/Twitch)

As streamer Cashmeow often says that Japan is not exactly how people outside the country picture it, he was at the center of an incident moments ago, which elucidates the same. The streamer was accosted by a group of people, presumably tourists, who later entered the restaurant where the streamer was recovering from the incident and assaulted him.

The streamer appears unhurt but is visibly distressed and angry and has paused his stream for the time being.

Cashmeow assaulted by tourists in Japan; All you need to know

(The streamer gets accosted at the 5:07:30 mark in the full VOD)

Cashmeow was in the restaurant's outer seating area, casually interacting with the chat when he saw a group of tourists harassing two girls. In an effort to distance the group from the girls, he called them over to his table.

"You guys speak English?"

One of the tourists who came up to Cashmeow asked him:

"Where you from, man?"

The streamer replied:

"I'm from Brooklyn, New York. Where you from?"

The tourist answered in the affirmative, confirming that he was not a Japanese citizen.

"I'm from Colombia."

Cashmeow and the tourist were being friendly with one another until one of the tourist's friends came up to their table and drank water from the streamer's glass. Cash didn't make a big deal of it as he noticed that they were clearly drunk.

"No, no, no, that's my water....I'll just get another one."

The group became rowdy when the streamer made a comment about one of the tourist's watches as he kept his glass back down on the table. The watch was a copy of an expensive one the streamer had on his person.

"I like his sh*tty gooball watch."

The group crowded the streamer and started yelling at him in a mix of Japanese and English:

"What the f*ck did you say? (after Cashmeow showed him his watch) Don't show me, I don't give a f*ck about that ..."

A bystander came by and tried to break up the fight.

"Don't make a problem guys..guys leave.."

At this point, the streamer tried to pick up his equipment from the table and leave, but the angered tourists knocked his phone and tripod down and the stream got paused there.

Later, when he resumed his stream, he appeared shaken by the incident (around 5:38:20).

"They broke my equipment. I wouldn't be pursuing this to any degree if they hadn't broken my sh*t."

As the streamer was seeing if he could unearth any proof of him being harassed from his stream, he was brutally assaulted by the same group.

Note: Distressing content ahead.

The streamer got up after being assaulted and paused the stream. The stream is still live at the time of writing, but the streamer's whereabouts and present conditions are unknown.

Members of the chat who saw the incident live were angered and scared by the incident, and the same goes for fans who are seeing it now.

Many fans are calling for the perpetrators to be deported and are hoping Japan's stringent laws will come into action here.

While the police initially dismissed Cash's plea for help, fans are hoping his getting assaulted on video will elicit more action from local law enforcement. It is unclear what the streamer is currently doing.

He is a variety streamer who mostly hosts Just Chatting streams and occasionally plays Rainbow Six Siege and COD Warzone. He currently has just over 30,000 followers on Twitch.

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