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Twitch streamer caught ‘faking’ disability returns, alleges he fell victim to ‘cancel culture’

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Modified 03 Oct 2020, 17:43 IST

The story of ZilionOP is an interesting one, and we have spoken about it multiple times. The streamer had gone viral for all the wrong reasons after being caught ‘faking’ a disability. He was supposedly paralyzed from the waist down and used a wheelchair to get around.

However, during one of his streams, ZilionOP left viewers stunned when he appeared to walk off-screen! As seen below, the girl he was talking to was visibly startled, but pretended nothing out of the ordinary happened.

Since the incident, the streamer had effectively disappeared from the internet.

Now, ZilionOP streamer has returned and attempted to come clean on the story.

Twitch streamer caught ‘faking disability is back online, explains his side of the story

It must be remembered that ZilianOP had even back then claimed innocence. According to the streamer, he was getting better, and his dog had knocked its water bowl over some wiring. He had managed to stand, but had then fallen over.

ZilionOP’s return in itself made for a rather interesting story. The broadcaster began streaming back in April under a new name. Like before, he mostly posted gameplay related to World of Warcraft, but interestingly, he is no longer in a wheelchair. His new Twitch account is under the name ItsBlooish.

On his new account, ZilionOP made no mention of his past identity for the longest of times, but was in time called out on Reddit. Once recognized, he decided to come clean, once and for all.

Image Credits: wavywebsurf, YouTube
Image Credits: wavywebsurf, YouTube

During one of his streams, ZilionOP explained how exactly the story had been sensationalized and exaggerated to make him seem like a liar. He said that he had no intention of misrepresenting any aspect of his life and went through many old photos where he was in a wheelchair off-camera.

Moreover, YouTuber wavywebsurf even organized an interview with ZilianOP/ItsBlooish, where he explained various aspects of his story. The streamer went on to answer questions from viewers, adding that he wished he had reacted differently back when the news had first been sensationalized.

You can watch the entire story in the video below.

Published 03 Oct 2020, 17:43 IST
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