Twitch streamer sleeping on live stream regrets her decision after an odd donation comes in

Image via Nyyxxii
Image via Nyyxxii
Jorge A. Aguilar "Aggy"

Twitch streamer Nyyxxii's sleep was interrupted by a troll who made an odd donation. She was sleeping for donations.


Trolls like to let others know that they enjoyed messing with the victim. This situation had the same outcome. Normally, when someone donates to a Twitch streamer, a voice message can be added. This particular donator used his message to wake up Nyyxxii.

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The word used in the donation is too long to type out, so it is presented below.

Image via Nyyxxii
Image via Nyyxxii

Nyyxxi immediately cursed the donator and tried to figure out their identity. The interruption of the stream by the troll was successful, and Nyyxxii spent the rest of the time trying to figure out who woke her up.

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There will always be trolls looking to ruin streams. They get bolder each time they're successful. Her reaction made it clear that this will not be the last time such a thing happens to Nyyxxii on Twitch.

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Twitch stream dedicated to sleeping

It is strange but not unusual for people to stream parts of their lives. Several viewers pay to watch other people sleep. There are many theories as to why such a paradigm exists. Nonetheless, such content is popular on Twitch.

In the past, streamer "OMGchad" accidentally had his stream open while he was asleep.


Others like JustaMinx gained popularity for starting the trend.


Normally, DLive is used for non-videogame-related content. DLive has been the preferred service for many users who do not stream video games. Twitch has been migrating to other types of content because streamers also use Twitch for live chats.

This content type will become more regular if Twitch allows its streamers to keep moving away from video games. If this trend continues, there may come a time when Twitch's front page has someone like Nyyxxii sleeping on stream.

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