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Twitter calls out James Charles for old "racist" tweets and recent "Don't have children please" comment 

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Modified 23 Nov 2020

Popular internet personality and professional make-up artist James Charles is currently facing the heat online, after old tweets of his recently resurfaced.

Of late, the 21-year old celebrity has been feuding with fellow internet personality Trisha Paytas, whom he recently called out for using the N-word.

However, his accusations have now come back to bite him as another TikToker recently called him out for his old tweets, which seemed to have a pronounced racist tone.

In his defense, he stated that he was 13 and 17 years of age when he made those comments and has taken accountability numerous times since then.

However, the TikToker didn't seem to buy into his reason and received support from Trisha Paytas, as the duo went on to admonish him for trying to use age as an excuse to make racist comments.

Adding further fuel to fire is the backlash from his recent comment on a TikToker's video, where he requested her "not to have children."

His comment was in response to her recent post, where she justifies her decision to not allow her son to wear a dress in her house until he is of age.


From calling him a hypocritical celebrity to justifying her parental decision, the TikToker's response video eventually led to a significant backlash against James Charles, which resulted in him instantly deleting his comment.

TikTokers call out James Charles for old tweets and recent comments

James Charles is a popular internet personality who is one of the most well-known celebrity make-up artists online.

From the likes of Kylie Jenner to Lil Nas X, he has collaborated with various celebrities on their make-up looks. He can also be spotted cooking and trying his hand at games such as Among Us in his videos.

James Charles has also had his fair share of controversies over the course of his career and recently, his comment on parenting ended up receiving backlash from Hannahlee Yoder, the TikToker who posted a response video:

"I am going to continue to parent the way I see fit in my household James Charles . Just because you are a celebrity on the internet with millions of followers , is not gonna change my mind . My foundation is stronger than man's approval, so carry on James. "

Despite deleting his comment, James Charles went on to receive a significant amount of backlash online, after declaring that he stands by what he said.


Check out some of the reactions as fans responded to James Charles' old tweets and his recent comment on parenting.


As the internet remains divided over James Charles' recent comment, it remains to be seen what course this controversy ultimately ends up taking.

Published 23 Nov 2020, 21:06 IST
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