Twitter reacts as use of the word "simp" doubles on Twitch a day after ban

Image via Twitch Blog
Image via Twitch Blog
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

Twitch yesterday grabbed headlines by announcing that the words "simp," "virgin," and "incel" have been banned.

And interestingly, the usage of the word "simp" has doubled compared to its average over the last 15 days.

Stream Hatchet provided this report on chat analytics and insights in a recent tweet, where they revealed the staggering increase in the usage of simp since the unceremonious Twitch ban:

This act of defiance by Twitch viewers comes just a day after Twitch attempted to clarify the mess it had created by stating that the company never intended to impose a blanket ban on the usage of such words:

By the looks of it, the recent "community misunderstanding" comment by Twitch executives has only made matters worse, as Twitter retaliated by poking fun at the organization's latest failure.

Twitter takes on Twitch over "simp" ban


2020 has been a somewhat controversial year for Twitch, especially when making decisions and implementing new policies.

From slapping streamers with questionable bans to exhibiting the makings of an authoritarian iron hand, Twitch has more than missed the mark in a year riddled with errors.

This string of decisions and policies has irked the streaming community to a large extent, with its most recent misfire being the ban of the words "simp," "virgin," and "incel."

Though Twitch eventually clarified that action would only be taken against those who use such words with malicious intent or to harass someone, the online community seemed to be having none of it, as revealed in the increased usage over the last day.

In the official blog post by Stream Hatchet, it is stated:

"...The banning didn't seem to stop Twitch users from testing the limits of the new TOS additions. Adversely, the banning led to an increase of "simp" mentions in chat to almost double the previous 15-day average."

In light of this development, Twitter had a field day, mocking Twitch over its recent misfire:

As dissent continues to mount online, Twitch is once again feeling the heat from incensed users online, who seem to have given a new meaning to an old phrase: hell hath no fury like a community scorned.

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