"I hope you flunk out": Tyler1 loses cool at 'young' viewer spamming his Twitch chat with requests

Tyler1 lashes out at persistent viewer (Image via Tina Jo, Riot Games)
Tyler1 lashes out at persistent viewer (Image via Tina Jo, Riot Games)

Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp put a viewer on public blast, exposing their chat logs to the rest of his stream.

The content creator was upset at one of his viewer's messages, causing him to dig through their chat log and immediately clap back at the attitude they were putting on. His viewers found the entire display quite entertaining, to say the least.

"I'm not wishing you luck, and I hope you flunk out."

Tyler1 hits back at viewer upset for not responding to their messages

During a recent stream of his, Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp came across a viewer who ended up getting more than what they bargained for after sending a single message to him.

Tyler1 read out loud a message from the viewer, "amrahmedgy," which said:

"Feel like, ever since I subbed, you never read my comments."

The streamer, visibly annoyed at the message, went on to say,

"Kid, you're f**king saying some sh- you're one-man spamming. Dude, you're a dumba**. Actually.. you're actually a f**king moron. Nevermind."

Tyler1 then proceeded to pull up the chatter's profile on to the screen and showed his viewers what their previous messages were, saying,

"Like, holy sh**, these f**king kids, like- what am I supposed to read you stupid a**?"

He began reading the messages out loud, drawing laughter from his audience:

"'Having a wireless communication quiz tomorrow, wish me luck! 'Having a quiz tomorrow, wish me luck! Dude! Wish me luck! I have a quiz in the morning!'"
"Then he's like, 'I feel like ever since I subbed, you never read-' Kid, shut up."

Tyler1 then had one last message to communicate to the persistent viewer:

"I'm not wishing you luck and I hope you flunk out."

Viewers found the entire situation hilarious, with many jokingly prodding Tyler1 to wish them good luck, while others ridiculed them and called them a kid.

Twitch streamers are often tasked with dealing with viewers who are persistent in attempting to capture their favorite content creators' attention.

Felix "xQc" Lengyel, however, faced an odd situation when an alleged viewer of his was exposed and banned on Lily "Lilypichu" Ki's stream for sending her untoward messages.

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