Tyranitar weaknesses and counters in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Tyranitar weaknesses
The game's answer to Godzilla is a powerful foe (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon GO adapts the iconic battle system of the massively popular franchise into a simpler form for the mobile market. After the monstrous success of its release in 2016, the game has experienced six years of uninterrupted dominance.

Tyranitar was first introduced to the Pokemon franchise in Generation II, way back in 1999. It's a massive towering monster that evolves from the small beast Larvitar and the cocoon-like evolution Pupitar. The inspiration for the Armor Pokemon undoubtedly came from Ishiro Honda's iconic Godzilla, resulting in an imposing dinosaur that is difficult to defeat. Therefore, this article will go across all the weaknesses and counter for Tyranitar in Pokemon GO.

How to defeat Tyranitar in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO features a ton of powerful creatures that could present a difficult challenge for players. Tyranitar is a beast in combat, but it has a few unique weaknesses that will help one win.

Interestingly, Tyranitar is a Rock and Dark-type Pokemon. Tyranitar is the only Pokemon with that combination of types, making it uniquely strong in some situations and uniquely vulnerable in some others.

There is one Pokemon type that both Rock and Dark are weak against and that type is Fighting. Fighting-type attacks deal a whopping 256% damage against Tyranitar, making them the perfect choice when going up against this mighty Pokemon.

Players should absolutely bring a Fighting-type Pokemon into a brawl with Tyranitar, but it's not the only option. It's also weak to Ground, Bug, Steel, Water, Fairy, and Grass-type moves.

Tyranitar is resistant to Normal, Flying, Poison, Fire, Ghost, and Dark. Tyranitar's dual type also gives it special resistance to Psychic damage, which is rendered useless against it.

Best counters for Tyranitar in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO has an ever-changing meta that picks the strongest creatures of each type. The highest CP, however, isn't always the best choice in a Pokemon battle.

Lucario is the best counter-pick option when facing off against a Tyranitar. It's one of the strongest Fighting-type Pokemon, and its second type is Steel. Though there are a few Fighting-types with higher overall points, Lucario's double type puts it over the edge.

Use Lucario's trademarked combination of Counter and Aura Sphere to carve through Tyranitar fast. The former's moves can deal upwards of 250 damage per second with its massive type advantage. Lucario also has a significant defense stat to resist Tyranitar's potentially devastating attacks.

Another good option would be Phermosa, which is a dual-type Fighting and Bug Pokemon. Phermosa is a glass cannon that can deal an immense amount of damage in a very short period of time.

The weakness of Phermosa is that the Tyranitar can use Fire Blast, which will hurt substantially. Tyranitar won't get STAB damage for that move, but Phermosa is susceptible to Fire damage. Phermosa should be able to slay the Tyranitar with Low Kick and Focus Blast.

Tyranitar's unique type combination makes it a bizarre threat with one massive glaring weakness. Players just need to bring their strongest Fighting-type Pokemon into the bout to win. Pokemon GO rewards those who know the strengths and weaknesses of all of its creatures.

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