The best moveset for Lucario in Pokemon GO

Lucario as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Lucario as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
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With revitalized interest in the Sinnoh region following the release of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, many Pokemon GO players are training more Pokemon that star in the recent release. Thanks to this, the fan-favourite Aura Pokemon, Lucario, has seen a recent spike in usage.

While Lucario made its debut in the video games in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Lucario made its first appearance in the eighth Pokemon movie, Lucario and the Mystery of Mew and served as a guide to Ash and his friends to escort them to the Tree of Beginning. Lucario also appears as Gym Leader Maylene's Ace Pokemon as well as Riley's, who the player meets at Iron Island.

Whenever Pokemon GO players intend to use a new Pokemon, knowing its best moveset, stats, and typing is the key to effectively using it. Without the proper game knowledge for a specific Pokemon, many players fail to use their Pokemon properly, leading to losing an easy battle.

Lucario in Pokemon GO: An analysis

Lucario is one of the few Pokemon capable of Mega Evolution (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Lucario is one of the few Pokemon capable of Mega Evolution (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Lucario is the first Fighting and Steel-type Pokemon, only to be followed up by Cobalion a generation later. Lucario takes super effective damage from Ground, Fire, and other Fighting-type attacks. The Steel typing for Lucario works out great in Pokemon GO. It replaces the weaknesses of Fighting-type Pokemon with the weaknesses of a Steel-type Pokemon. However, Lucario being weak to other Fighting-type attacks can hurt more than it can help at times.

Lucario's stat spread is a relatively simple one in Pokemon GO. Lucario is built to be a great glass cannon sweeper Pokemon with the added benefit of being a Steel-type Pokemon, the best defensive type in the game. This helps make up for Lucario's low defence stat of 144. Lucario also brings a great attack stat of 236 and a stamina stat of 172.


Lucario is one of the Pokemon in Pokemon GO with the same moveset for both offensive and defensive purposes. With Counter as a fast attack and Aura Sphere, Lucario maximizes its damage output. A glaring issue with this moveset is that it doubles down on dealing Fighting-type damage. For more coverage, Lucario has Bullet Punch, a Steel-type fast attack, and Flash Cannon; a Steel-type charged attack. Players can experiment with different combinations of these moves to see which one fits their style of battle and the Pokemon they choose to use Lucario to deal with.

In summary, pure offensive Pokemon like Lucario in Pokemon GO have a lot of room for experimentation, especially with access to both Fighting and Steel-type attacks. For maximizing damage output, Lucario is best ran with Counter for a fast attack and Aura Sphere for a charged attack.

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