"Exciting but scary": Valkyrae posts a cryptic tweet teasing a new project she will be working on

Valkyrae talks about an upcoming project via a tweet (Image via itsraechill/Twitter)
Valkyrae talks about an upcoming project via a tweet (Image via itsraechill/Twitter)

YouTube Gaming star Rachell "Valkyrae" was seen active on her alternative Twitter account named rae (@itsraechill) where she posted a cryptic tweet that seemed to be teasing her upcoming project that she has been working on.

The following tweet revealed that she was getting an interesting opportunity that will take a month or more to finish. Giving a bit more context on what she was working on, Valkyrae mentioned that this project will require her to move out of her country and travel around

Twitter reacts to Valkyrae's mysterious upcoming project

On March 31st, 2022, when the YouTube content creator posted a new cryptic tweet talking about another upcoming project, it instantly went viral as it gained more than thirty thousand likes and 382 retweets. Fans and audiences on Twitter were surprised to see that their favorite streamer is back in the business and is looking forward to starting another project.

A number of influencers and streamers were seen in the reply section of this tweet.

The content creator's fans were all out excited and happy to see what she has in store for the future.

Fans quoted her own tweet, which she had posted a day earlier, to which Rae responded in a shocking manner.

Some past projects in which Valkyrae was involved

Rae is no stranger when it comes to launching her own line of brands and projects. One of her most recent projects was a skinline called RFLCT, which went on to gain a lot of traction on the internet.

It all started in October 2021 when the YouTube Gaming streamer announced that she would be releasing a skincare brand, oriented towards gamers, to protect their skin from the blue-light rays produced by the electronic devices. She had been working on this project for the past two years and seemed elated to announce and launch her own skincare brand.

However, the internet did not respond well to this project. The content creator received a lot of backlash as she failed to provide any proof of her claims that the skincare lotion will provide protection from blue-light rays. Her brand would go on to become the center of a controversy, citing the fact that Valkyrae and her partners were spreading false information.

The controversy came to an end when she cut all her ties to the brand and removed herself as a co-founding member of the organization. Due to immense backlash and negative reception, Rae went on a small hiatus, taking a break from her streaming life.

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