Valkyrae is set to record a song and fans can't get enough of it 

Image via Valkyrae
Image via Valkyrae
Jorge A. Aguilar "Aggy"

Twitch streamer Valkyrae confirmed on Twitter that she'll be recording a song after being convinced by Natsumiii.

Natsumiii, also known as Wendy, had been pestering Valkyrae to sing for a while. Twitter users and Valkyrae's Twitch fans also joined the bandwagon.

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Valkyrae has now given in to the pressure and said yes to recording a song. She is yet to announce the genre or what kind of song it will be.

Based on Valkyrae's short singing clips on stream, she does not need to rely on a loud beat or orchestra to back her up.

Some have speculated that Corpse Husband could also feature in this song with Valkyrae. Corpse Husband is a well-known musician and is good friends with Valkyrae.

It would be a little strange to hear her singing alongside Corpse Husband because the two sound very different.

This song could be Valkyrae's first step into the music industry. Only time will tell if the song will be a hit or not.

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Valkyrae has real musical ability

Twitter users were quick to point out that Valkyrae knows how to sing. Her singing clips were making the rounds after the announcement.

There is more needed to sing a song, however, like beats and lyrics. She shouldn't have a problem as she has friends that can help her if required.

One user on Twitter took a clip of Valkyrae humming and added a beat to it. It was good enough to be the intro of a hit song today.

This clip has made many Twitter users excited for what Valkyrae may release later on. If she decides to finally show off how well she can sing, she could blow up even more on YouTube.

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