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Valorant Cheaters are already ruining the game - Riot Games Counters with $100,000 Bounty to Catch Cheaters

Valorant Cheaters are already in-game. (Image Credits:
Valorant Cheaters are already in-game. (Image Credits:
Modified 04 May 2020, 16:41 IST

Valorant is a game that is still in its beta stage. However, it is not easy to break viewership records in the game.

Valorant seems to be acting as a sponge, absorbing gamers from all genres to itself. The game is currently still under testing and has yet managed to beat many industry leaders in certain aspects. For instance, Valorant streamers have been picking up the pace, gaining thousands of viewers from around the world in a very short period of time.

While everything seems to be going smoothly and in the right direction, Riot games may be headed towards a bumpy road with a bunch of Valorant cheaters already hacking to victory in-game.

Valorant hacks are ruining the game for many.

Cheating should never be an option. However, the rampant spread of Valorant Cheaters has many concerned over whether Vanguard's 'Anti-Cheat' system is fully capable of detecting and handling illegal modification and unauthorised cheats once the game goes fully live.

Here is a video Valorant hacks in action:

April 9th marks the date when the first Valorant cheater was banned from the game. 


Paul Chamberlin, a developer at Riot games, explained in his tweet that he sent out after the very first ban. He explains how the Valorant developers did not expect players to be hacking this early into the game. But Chamberlain says that the Valorant team is nonetheless ready for this battle against cheaters.

Riot Games does seem to be determined to rid Valorant of cheaters and bug abusers. 

Riot Games has offered upto $100,000 for players who can find exploits in their game

An announcement where Riot offered up to $100,000 to players/coders who can find exploits and bugs in their game. This move may seem a bit far-fetched, but keeping in mind a Valorant cheater was found within four days of beta release is not ideal for a company that prides itself on their 'Anti-Cheat' system.

Here is the full list of the bounty offered by Riot Games (Category wise).

Image Credits: Hackerone
Image Credits: Hackerone

Several players have switched from classic games like CSGO and Overwatch in order to avoid cheaters and enjoy a fair gameplay environment.

Riot Games definitely needs to be on the constant look-out for every possible way to rid Valorant of cheaters. So far, they seem to be doing quite a good job.

Published 04 May 2020, 16:41 IST
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