Valorant: Full list of all the notable tournaments in 2020

  • A look at the major Valorant tournaments since the game's beta release.
  • All of these tournaments boast significant prize pools and have seen some intense contests.
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pic courtesy: Riot games taken from Dexerto

Valorant has taken over the FPS community by storm, and is currently one of the most popular multiplayer experiences in the esports scene. It’s been little over a month since the Valorant beta was officially released. During this period, the game has already experienced some pretty big tournaments and invitationals all across the world.

In the first few weeks itself since its release, we can see some big esports orgs investing a lot in creating their official competitive rosters for Valorant.

Needless to say, Riot Games’ new tactical first-person shooter has a very promising future in competitive play. All the recent Valorant tournaments that have been held stand justify this fact.

Not only have there been a bucket full of competitive cups held, but the price pool was quite substantial as well. On that note, here are some of the more notable Valorant tournaments that have been held so far or about to be held in the near future:

Notable Valorant tournaments:

#1: T1 x Nerd Street Gamers Invitational

taken from luquipedia taken from Dexerto
taken from luquipedia taken from Dexerto

For a game which is still in its beta stages, the prize pool for the T1 x Nerd Street Gamers Invitational was massive. The winner, Gen.G Esports, got a massive chunk of the prize money of $20,000 while the runnerup, Team Brax, received $5,000.

The T1 invitational was an incredible hit and was the second most-watched event in Twitch streaming history, capping over 1.73 million viewers.

The final was held between Gen.G Esports and Team brax. Gen. G Esports were represented by the following Canadian FPS pros:

  1. Effys
  2. gMd
  3. Huynh
  4. MkaeL
  5. PLAYER1

Team brax were represented by:

  1. Brax
  2. AZK
  3. Crashies
  4. EliGE
  5. Skadoodle

Brax was the first ever official signing in Valorant, as he was picked up by T1 even before the game's closed beta officially released.

#2: LVL Clash

taken from luquipedia taken from Dexerto
taken from luquipedia taken from Dexerto

This EU-based Valorant tournament saw an all-German final where VALORANDO took home a prize money of $ 5000. 

Though the total prize pool of $10,876 may not be as much as that of the T1 invitational, it was still a significant sum of money for a game that is as recent as Valorant.

After losing to Filip’s Enagelium in the qualifiers for the Upper bracket 4, VALORANDO had to fight their way up the lower brackets to secure themselves the prize money where they beat Paraplegic Buffalos in the final.

VALORANDO were represented by:

  1. Caint
  2. Braexco
  3. rAx
  4. ItzzChrizZ
  5. luckeRRR

Paraplegic Buffalos’ roster had:

  1. pYLon
  2. Usta66
  3. nedyg0d
  4. pyorN
  5. pyorN

#3: Solary Cup

taken from luquipedia taken from Dexerto taken from luquipedia taken from Dexerto
taken from luquipedia taken from Dexerto taken from luquipedia taken from Dexerto

The Solary Cup semifinals were witness to a lot of controversy and drama that ultimately led to the lifetime ban of the Overwatch prodigy Dafran from all future Solary competitions. 

It started out as a rescheduling miscommunication that turned ugly when Dafran took to Twitter and started abusing the Solary Cup hosts as well his semifinal opponents, HypHypHyp. 

Damien 'HyP' Souville even accused Dafran of harassment. The incident eventually got resolved when both Dafran’s Team Prodigy and HypHypHyp decided to reschedule the match, on the condition that Dafran would not be in the roster.

Prodigy then went on to beat their opponents in the semis but lost out to fish123 in the final.

The Prodigy team in the final had a roster of:

  1. Bramz
  2. Mixwell
  3. ScreaM
  4. Pyth
  5. Draken

Fish123 comprised of:

  1. Ec1s
  2. Icepaperhands
  3. Soulcas
  4. Kryptix
  5. L1NK
  6. sliggy

#4: Mandatory Cup

Unlike the Solari event that turned very sour very fast, the Mandatory Cup was a relative success and even had a higher prize pool of $10843.

HypHypHyp was able to go all the way to the final this time but lost out to fish123 who is now the first EU team to have won two significant competitions in Valorant.

Fish123 kept the same roster as in the Solari Cup. They played with:

  1. Ec1s
  2. Icepaperhands
  3. Soulcas
  4. Kryptix
  5. L1NK
  6. sliggy

HypHypHyp had the following players: 

  1. HyP
  2. PetitSkel
  3. Fearoth
  4. CREA
  5. LaAw

#5: Elite Esports - Rivalry Bowl North America

taken from luquipedia
taken from luquipedia

The second North American competition in Valorant to be held was the Elite Esports - Rivalry Bowl North America. Though it didn’t have much of a prize pool when compared to the other tournaments on the list, the winners of Cloud9 were able to check in a cash prize of $1000 after winning against team Highground.

Cloud9’s roster had:

  1. TenZ
  2. Infinite1
  3. Mitch
  4. Shinobi
  5. Relyks

Highground comprised of:

  1. Venerated
  2. Valliate
  3. YaBoiDre
  4. YaBoiDre
  5. Pride
  6. 7Teen

Upcoming Valorant tournaments:

In the month of May, there are some more tournaments on the horizon for Valorant. However their dates and the name and number of participants are yet to be decided. Following are the scheduled Valorant tournaments for the month:

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