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Valorant: How to use the new Early Surrender feature

  • Valorant patch 1.02 has brought the Early Surrender feature with it.
  • A player can now initiate a surrender vote when certain in-game conditions are met.
Modified 24 Jun 2020, 19:12 IST
Image Credits: Riot Games
Image Credits: Riot Games

Ever since the release of its closed beta, Valorant fans have been hankering for a lot of additions to the game, with one of the most important ones being the Early Surrender feature.

With patch 1.02 now live with the official launch, the surrender feature is finally here, which means you will not have to subject yourself to games where one or more of your teammates are missing. 

Customary ‘knife rounds’ may have been the tradition when it was a 2v5 or a 1v5 scenario till the game ends, but you can now just forfeit your match without wasting any more of your time.

Going down one or two players in a tactical, first-person shooter like Valorant is a bigger disadvantage than usual. When you are down by one player in League of Legends, you can still win the game if one of your carries is fed enough. This is, however, not possible in Valorant.

The surrender feature is, therefore, a very important update that 1.02 has brought to Valorant.

How do you surrender in Valorant?

Image Credits: Riot Games
Image Credits: Riot Games

Like in League of Legends, the surrender system in Valorant will also be based on a voting system. Any player can initiate the voting by just typing '/ff', ‘forfeit,’ ‘concede,’ or ‘surrender’ in the chat.


However, for the game to be forfeited, all of your teammates will need to vote with a ‘yes’ or the voting will not go through.

Both your team and the enemy team will be able to surrender once per half, but the voting will only start after the 8th round of the match.

However, it is important to note that once the voting starts, the team members will be able to cast it only during the buy phase. If a vote is called in the middle of a round, you will not be able to cast it until the round ends and the buy phase begins.

Victory and loss credits

Image Credits: Riot Games

Once the surrender has been approved after all the players have voted with a ‘yes’, the remaining rounds will be credited as a loss to the surrendering team and a win for the other team (till it reaches 13).

Published 24 Jun 2020, 19:12 IST
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