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Valorant: Patch 0.50 brings with it an annoying hit registration issue

Taken from Polygon
Taken from Polygon
Modified 20 May 2020

Closed beta releases for any online, multiplayer shooter will bring with it a slew of bugs and game-play issues that might persist or crop up during a patch update. Riot Games’, latest IP Valorant has fallen victim to one such bug recently and has been causing problems in many of the servers, right after the patch 0.50 update.

Soon after the patch went live earlier this month, many Valorant players have started to complain about the hit-box registration issues that have been popping up on the servers. 

Players who are firing at the enemy’s head are seeing sparks fly, which is indicative of accurately landing headshots. However, the post-round damage indicator shows that just a few shots have been registered to the head.

Players have been annoyed at the latest Valorant bug

This particular issue is quite annoying and can completely throw-off a team’s game-play and make them lose the round. As such, weapons like the Vandal, which ensures an instant one-shot, head-shot kill, are now being avoided by players, as they don’t know if they are landing head-shots even if the sparks fly.

Several Valorant fans explained that since they downloaded the new patch, they saw multiple shots land on enemies but no damage was registered.

Valorant’s game director Joe Zeiger explained that the Riot developers team is aware of this issue and will be addressing the bug in a future update.

“Thanks to everyone who helped us find some new hit reg issues we introduced in the latest update. We’re fixing them as we speak and they should be in the next update,” Ziegler said.

As Valorant is still in the beta stage, it’s not all that surprising that there are so many bugs in need of a fix. But it’s good to see that the game developers are being proactive about the situation and trying hard to rid Valorant of all annoying bugs before the official release.


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Published 20 May 2020, 13:45 IST
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