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Valorant patch 1.02 introduces a new Tracer Orb to the game mode

  • Spike Rush Orbs have received a lot of balance changes with the latest Valorant patch 1.02.
  • A new orb has been added to the game called the Tracer Orb, which brings with it a brand new mechanic.
Modified 24 Jun 2020, 20:46 IST
Image Credits: Dexerto

Valorant’s latest patch 1.02 is now live, and it would seem that the game mode Spike Rush is going to be receiving a lot of changes. Much-needed ones if you ask Valorant fans.

Ever since the mode was released with the game’s official launch, it wasn’t all that well-received by the wider player-base. Many called it boring, and some outright called the special orb abilities broken, and said that they were pretty much ruining the game mode.

Hence, the Valorant devs had quite a challenging task ahead in redeeming this new game mode which no one really seems to like.

So with patch 1.02, the devs are bringing in a lot of orb changes that are bound to bring some quality of life changes to Spike Rush.

Changes to Valorant game mode: In detail

1. Added Tracer Orb

This is the new orb in the game which came with patch 1.02. Securing this orb will allow your team to gain double-wall penetration as well as reveal enemy location for 0.75 seconds when they are shot. 

This absolute wallbang steroid will last you the entirety of the round. 


2. Speed Boost Orb changed to Combat Stim

Image Credits: Dot Esports
Image Credits: Dot Esports

This change brings some adjustments to the orb, and though you will be able to get the same speed buff as before, your reload time will be greatly reduced, along with your weapon draw time and recovery time.

However, players will now get a 30% increase rate of fire along with an extra 25% jump force. This was a much-required balance change for the orb.

3. Plague and Paranoia Orb changes

This was one of the most overpowered orbs in Valorant and a lot of players were calling for a nerf for some time now. It was able to make the opponents lose 90 percent of their HP for around 7 seconds, hence giving the team that secures it a very easy round win if they time it right.

So the Plague Orb is now going to have its health reduction feature changed from 90 to 50, and will only spawn once per round. 

4. Deception ob gets slightly nerfed

Deception Orb was another overpowered mechanic in Valorant and would make the opposing team be inflicted with the nearsighted debuff for around 10 seconds. 

In patch 1.02, the orb effect will be changed to 8 from 10, and the tunnel vision depth range will be decreased by 20%. So you will now be able to see more on your screen when afflicted.

Published 24 Jun 2020, 20:46 IST
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