Valorant points price: How much do Valorant points cost?

Valorant is now available for download
Valorant is now available for download

Valorant is one of the most anticipated games in the history of eSports. Even during its beta testing, it managed to garner around 3 million players. The popularity of the game can be tested from the fact that many CS: GO and Overwatch veterans have left their professional gaming careers at their respective games to pursue Valorant. 

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The game has finally launched with the Asia-Pacific servers up and running. 

Just like League of Legends, Valorant consists of a plethora of skins that players can equip, and these skins can be purchased using exclusive in-game currency, Valorant Points or VP. One can buy skins using these points and evolve them via Radianite Points. 

Valorant Points price

Like League of Legends, Valorant will also have six packages available to purchase VP. 

Valorant Points Prize
Valorant Points Price

The players can purchase 475 VP for 4.99$, 1,000 VP for $9.99, 2,050 VP for $19.99, 3,650 VP for $34.99, 5,350 VP for $49.99 and 11,000 for $99.99. However, there might be minimal differences in this amount based on the exchange rates of the respective currencies.

No payment methods are available in India as of now
No payment methods are available in India as of now

There are no available payment methods in India as of now, but are likely to be available in the game very soon with the release of the game across the world since only the Asian servers are up.

The Ignition Act One
The Ignition Act One

Battle Pass a.k.a the Story Contract, Ignition Act 1 is now available for the players to purchase. It is priced at 1000 VP which is roughly equal to 10$. The battle pass includes various skins that the players can earn. There are 50 tiers in the battle pass, and each tier has a unique reward. So purchasing a battle pass or the story contract is a win-win situation.

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