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Valorant: Riot Games hire ‘Cheat Hunter’ GamerDoc for their anti-cheat Vanguard

GamerDoc joins Riot Games to develop Valorant
GamerDoc joins Riot Games to develop Valorant's Vanguard (Image Credits: GamerDoc left, Riot Games Right)
Modified 15 Sep 2020, 17:57 IST

Riot Games seem to be pulling all the stops when it comes to maintaining the competitive integrity of their new IP, Valorant.

Not only were the Valorant devs able to make Vanguard one of the most sophisticated cheats-catching software in the world but are still striving to make it stronger with each passing patch.

Riot Games’ commitment to their goal is evident as they have hired Mohamed “GamerDoc” Al-Sharifi, who is notorious for being a cheat-hunting vigilante among both the Valorant and Overwatch community.

Riot Games' decision to hire GamerDoc for Valorant’s Vanguard is an incredibly big step for the devs. And with the cheat vigilante’s expertise and know-how, the shooter might just turn out to be the most difficult game to hack once the esports scene finally takes off.

GamerDoc is sure to make Valorant’s Vanguard a force to be reckoned with

With enough time and coding knowledge, any software can easily be bypassed, and the same is true for Valorant’s Vanguard as well. Hence, by hiring GamerDoc, Riot Games aren’t exactly looking to completely stop hackers (even if it’s the ideal outcome) because realistically speaking, that is not something which is possible.

However, what the Valorant devs are looking for is to make it harder to hack the Vanguard system with every version of the software. The harder the software is to crack, the more expensive the hacking software will be.

Not only will hackers have to shell out a significant amount for the hack but they will even get an HWID ban when caught, making it very expensive to cheat in Valorant.

Making Vanguard hard to crack is the very skillset that GamerDoc brings to the table. Over the last few years, this 24-year-old has been hunting down cheaters in both Overwatch and Valorant and even ran a Discord channel where he has a following of like-minded people.


Being able to work for Riot Games seems to be a dream come true for GamerDoc as he says in his TwitLonger:

“Yes, finally I can say that I been working closely with riot to the point they asked me to join them in the fight against cheaters, and of course, I said yes, the entire Vanguard team are filled with the same passion as me I really love their work and fight against cheaters, and I am honored to be part of that team I will work extremely hard to make sure I protect all the players and make sure we protect the competitive integrity of riots titles, I will be exclusively be working for Riot and not other titles anymore I hope many of you understand why. I am grateful to have been given a second chance in life; it was like almost four months ago; I almost went homeless again. Thanks to all of you guys and supporting my work, I got offered a job, and this is just my passion so I couldn't have asked for a better dream job; its everything I ever wanted, and I am eternally grateful for it.”

We can clearly see just how much this opportunity means to GamerDoc, and we are sure that with his help, Valorant will not repeat the same mistakes that Valve has committed with CS: GO.

Published 15 Sep 2020, 17:57 IST
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