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Valorant: Sage and Jett are the two most-played Agents in the world

Sage and Jett are the two most picked Valorant Agents in the world.
Sage and Jett are the two most picked Valorant Agents in the world.
Modified 07 Oct 2020, 12:04 IST

If you were wondering which Valorant Agent is a fan favorite all around the world, then Riot has indeed got you covered.

In one of their recent tweets, Riot Games has a very interesting stat, which shows that there is not one but two Agents who are at the very top when it comes to the pick rate.

The contest for the most pick Agent in Valorant is a draw, and it's a face-off between Jett and Sage, and neither seems to give the other an edge in the battle.

Now, Jett being the most picked Agent, is quite understandable. Her flashy and mobile playstyle accompanied by snide remarks, make her quite sought after. And especially after the advent of the Jett-Operator meta, hardly a game goes by in high elo where the team sniper has not opted into picking the Jett.

However, Sage’s pick rate is surprising as well. Earlier in the Valorant closed beta and pretty much during the entirety of the Ignition Series's initial parts, Sage was a staple pick for any roster. 

But in patch 1.07, Sage received extensive nerfs to her kit, and her potential as an oppressive path blocker kind of got gutted along with the nerf.

Valorant’s Agent pick rate is region-specific

Global Stat Sheet shared by Riot Games
Global Stat Sheet shared by Riot Games

Both Sage’s and Jett’s pick rate across the world is not exactly the same in every region. While some Valorant regions prefer the air bender, others really like picking the sentinel. 


According to the ‘Global Stat Sheet’ presented by the Valorant devs, it seems that in the US, Korea, and Turkey regions, Jett is the Agent of choice. 

While in Russia, Brazil, and Mexico, Sage remains the most picked Agent even after repeated nerfs to her kit.

Published 07 Oct 2020, 12:04 IST
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