Valorant: Shroud feels that “Breach is a better version of Skye”

Shroud gives his take on Valorant
Shroud gives his take on Valorant's latest Agent, Skye

Skye may have come to the live servers with one of the most stacked ability kits that a Valorant agent can ask for.

However, not every player feels the new Agent is an excellent addition to the Valorant roster. Some, like Twitch sensation Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek, have openly criticized her for being nothing but a ‘heal bot.’

Sure, Skye might have some scouting and a flash tool at her disposal, in the form of “Guiding Light” and “Trailblazer,” respectively, but Shroud doesn’t feel that it’s enough to make her a viable option for solo queues.

Even though she is “definitely good,” the former CS: GO pro said: “I feel like Breach is still better. Like Breach is a better version of Skye.”

Skye might be a good option in pro play, but she can be more of a detriment for solo queue matches, he added.

“Valorant’s Skye is not a good option for solo queue players”

In the video, titled “My Thoughts on Skye,” Shroud opened up about the latest Agent.

He said:

“Skye’s not a very good PUB (public game) character for me because she relies on setting your team up. Being vocal for them, flashing for them. Working together. But PUBs never really are like that. PUBs are more so, individual performances.” 

Solo queue matches in the lower ranks hardly have any voice communication between teammates. The synergy is just not there, and players usually go for individual plays over coordinating with the rest of the team.

The issue that Shroud feels Skye is having right now is one that Breach faced before the series of buffs he got to his kit. After Valorant’s official launch, he and Viper were the two-least picked Agents in the game.

And after Breach got a fair amount of buffs to his Flashpoint, he is finally a viable pick in pro play and standard matchmaking.

Shroud continued:

“You can’t really make many individual plays with her. You can’t flash for yourself. You can’t smoke for yourself.”
“That might be the last time I play Skye. There’s no real reason for me to play her. Not really my style.”

Judging by Shroud’s comments, Skye’s kit might need a few tweaks in the coming Valorant patches to make her more user-friendly for those who do not have a pre-made squad to queue up with.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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