Valorant: Will there be an investigation within Riot Games after Agent ability leak?

Trouble might be brewing within Riot games after the latest Valorant Agent Ability Leak (Image credits: Riot Games)
Trouble might be brewing within Riot games after the latest Valorant Agent Ability Leak (Image credits: Riot Games)
Modified 08 Oct 2020

If you haven’t been keeping up with your daily dose of Valorant news, then let us get you up to speed with some of the latest developments in the game and the community.

A few hours ago, a Valorant developer leaked a video on an Ability showcase of the upcoming Agent number 13, who could either be named Skye or Llena (no official news on that yet).

Although the leaked video was taken down almost as soon as it got up, data miners ValorantLeaks and floxay were able to get the leak up on their Twitter accounts in time.

However, even if the leaks are great news for Valorant players and fans as they can now get an exclusive peek at the new Agent, there might be trouble in paradise for Riot Games.

When one considers Riot Games' history, we wouldn't be too far off to think that this might be a new gimmick on their part. The leak might have been intentional, and it might have been something that the company had planned to do in order to get the community hyped about their upcoming Act 3, which is also set to bring a new map called Icebox.

However, there is something about the leak that feels a bit off, and this has made a large part of the Valorant community feel that someone in Riot Games did something that he/she was not supposed to do.

Riot Games might start an internal investigation for the Valorant Agent’s ability leak

What we are going to talk about now is a bit of the community opinion about the Agent leak. Do keep in mind that Riot Games have not officially stated anything about her Abilities, and there is nothing more than a few tidbits about her in their official Valorant blog.

After putting out the video leak in their Twitter feed, data miners ValorantLeaks and floxay shared their opinion about it.

In a Tweet, ValorantLeaks wrote:

“There is gonna be an investigation within riot soon, or someone messed up.”

And in a follow-up comment to that post, another Valorant player wrote the following:

"Some context: A dev leaked a huge amount of info on act 3, including skins from the battle pass, the new map, and the new agent abilities. An investigation probably will happen inside riot to find out who leaked it, so they can fire him/her.”

If what they’re saying is true, then Riot Games indeed have a very serious problem on their hands. The Valorant devs already have their work cut out for them in ironing out the plethora of problems in the game, and the leak is something that the team could have done without.

In a tweet, floxay (who might be taking a short hiatus from data mining) wrote:

“It must be so rough for the devs.. this is really f-ed, when i come back don't expect any stuff here which is not from the build itself or other services connected to it.”

If this wasn’t a planned leak on Riot Games' part, then we can very well expect an internal investigation into the Valorant team in the coming weeks.

Published 08 Oct 2020
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