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Valorant: Will the store get oversaturated with too many weapon cosmetics?

The Valorant store might get oversaturated very soon (Image from Valorant store)
The Valorant store might get oversaturated very soon (Image from Valorant store)
Modified 10 Oct 2020, 19:51 IST

If there is one thing that Riot games has been doing consistently with Valorant, it is launching some of the most impressive weapon cosmetics with every patch. That is one aspect of the game that doesn’t feel like it will be changing any time soon.

For the upcoming Act 3, Riot Games have teased their very first ‘Exclusive’ weapon skin bundle called Singularity, along with some of the Ruin, Jade, and Electroflux cosmetics, which will be available as unlockables through the Battle Pass.

Now, with the showcase of the Singularity set, a conversation has sparked among Valorant fans. With Riot planning to release skins every so often, will the store eventually get oversaturated?

Moreover, the current store purchase system isn’t something that the fans appreciate all that much, as the Valorant store only chooses 4 skins to display, and rotates the collection with every passing day.

Hence, much of the Valorant community feels that in the near future, Riot might need to change major parts of how the store works.

Cosmetic oversaturation could be an issue in Valorant.

In a recent Reddit post, a Valorant player who goes by the handle AstroForMorons, opened up a very interesting discussion on how the Valorant store, on its current path, could get oversaturated.

The user writes,

“So recently I've been thinking about the future of Valorant and things I would like to see and one thing that caught my interest that I feel like needs to be addressed that nobody from my knowledge is talking about, is the Valorant store."
"Right now in Valorant, the skins rotate daily and there are 4 skins to see if the one you want is in the store and if it's not you just have to wait a day for the reset"
"Now I don't know what system riot has in place to determine what skins are in the store. I'm guessing it's random but funny enough not too long ago the Elderflame Judge was in the rotation 3 or 4 days in a row."
"My thing is and the main point I'm trying to get at is what will happen during future ignitions and acts when we will see an oversaturation of skins in the store. We already see with the first 2 acts how many skins we've received since this is the primary and most consistent monetization model riot has implemented into the game."
"I feel like when we have hundreds of weapon skins in the game and then there are only 4 slots per day (28 per week) a lot of the older stuff like Elderflame, prime, oni, etc; will just be lost to time unless luck is on our side."
I'm sure that riot would have no problem with letting oversaturation happen as it creates a sense of urgency for people to spend money on a skin they see in the store because they don't know when they will see it next. Could be a few days or an entire month."
"Personally, in the future, I would like to see an update to the store to give us more options so that things like Elderflame dagger aren't being rotated once every month or month and a half depending on rng. This post is not to start on anything, but just more so an interesting thought about this game's future.”

It’s quite an interesting take that AstroForMorons has put forward on the Valorant subreddit, and we do see it becoming an issue once there are too many cosmetic bundles in the store.

Published 10 Oct 2020, 19:51 IST
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