“You think I enjoy getting voice comments?”: Twitch streamer Veibae addresses talk about her ‘real voice’

Veibae addresses the rumors of her 'real voice' saying it's such weird behavior to doubt a voice (Image via YouTube Veibae)
Veibae addresses the rumors of her 'real voice' saying it's such weird behavior to doubt a voice (Image via YouTube Veibae)

Streamer VeiBae shuts down rumors that her voice is falsefied, claiming that her cadence is all natural and that it's absurd to suggest otherwise.

Vei is a VTuber - a content creator that uses a virtual avatar as their identity. These on-screen personas have grown in popularity over the last few years, due to the accessibility of creating one and reduced pressure of not having to show one's true identity.

However, with this lack of identity comes some individuals that distrust the legitimacy of a VTuber's claim, with a few saying that some of the streamers use technology to change their voice.

Vei was streaming when she decided to address comments that accused her of fabricating her natural cadence. The VTuber questioned the accusers about why she would purposefully adopt a voice that would garner hate:

"The amount of people that are making these stupid f**king opinion comments. You think I enjoy getting voice comments?"

VeiBae discusses her annoyance with people who question the legitimacy of her voice

Following her initial comments, Vei goes into what people say about her voice, stating that they call her names and make vague accusations.

"The people that think they're being original, "Veibae sounds like a wh**e, and I refuse to believe that this is her real voice, and sometimes when she talks her real voice slips up.""

The VTuber then reveals that whenever she jokingly growls, some people always try and record it as 'proof of her real voice,' before sending it to her friend Sodapoppin.

""Oh my god that's her real voice, that's it dude I clipped it!" There are people that message (Sodapoppin) with stuff that they clip of me growling."

She then expressed her disbelief at the number of people who made the outrageous claims.

"What the h*ll man, I cannot believe how many people exist in this world that are like that."

Redditors opine on VeiBae's take

Members of Reddit shared their opinions on the subject, making fun of the strange accusations and relating the issue to the harassment that streamer LilyPichu has received for her voice over the years.

Despite Veibae addressing these rumors, the internet still seems to have an opposing opinion. With that being said, the VTuber is clearly exasperated by the fingers pointed at her voice.

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