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Video Game News: Get Abzu and The End of Nigh for free next week on Epic Games Store

Gautam Nath
30 Aug 2019, 19:27 IST

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Epic Games is continuing their free giveaways of indie games. As an incentive for gamers to switch over from Steam, the biggest platform on PC, Epic Games has struck controversial exclusivity deals with developers (including big games such as Borderlands 3 and Metro: Exodus) and also gave away many indie games for free since their inception in December 2018.

This week, you can get Celeste and Inside for free and it will be valid till September 5. Celeste is one of the best indie games ever made so if you haven't played it, snag it for free while you can because it will be worth your while.

From September 5 onwards, Epic has revealed that they will be giving away Abzu and the End is Nigh for free. The giveaway will also last a week but in case you miss it, it will come back around again but nobody really knows when.

Abzu gives a lot of vibes of Subnautica, mostly because of the underwater exploration and adventure. It's a beautifully designed game and there are a lot of secrets to uncover in the vast underwater world. There are also some puzzle-like elements in the game which help the player progress and unlock new areas and resources.

The End is Nigh is a game that you will enjoy if you enjoy platformers. It feels a lot like Super Meat Boy and is often declared as it's unofficial "spiritual successor". It's very funnily meta, where the setting changes due to a "corrupt cartridge", referencing all those Gameboy, N64 and other old school cartridges that you had to blow on to get working. It's also HUGE, with over 600 levels as well as bonus levels and mini-games to complement it.

Epic Games will continue to give away free games on PC. Unfortunately, the Store is not available on the console so you won't get any of these games for free on your PlayStation or Xbox.

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