Vinicius Jr. FIFA 23 - Overall rating & stats, meta performance, and more

The Real Madrid superstar has received a major boost this time around (Image via EA Sports)
The Real Madrid superstar has received a major boost this time around (Image via EA Sports)

Vinicius Jr. is one of the strongest cards in FIFA 23 at the moment, and players can use him very effectively in almost all game modes. The Brazilian youngster has been on the rise with a stunning season last term, which saw his card receive a major boost.

EA Sports attempts to have the cards reflect their real-life counterparts as closely as possible with the assigned stats. Despite that, some variants are better than others due to how the game engine works, and this gives players more advantages from such cards than their stats suggest.

Given the Brazilian's good form in real life, he's more than a handful in FIFA 23. He has a strong set of stats that makes him one of the best offensive units in the game. Let's take a look at the detailed overview of his cards and what players can expect from him.

Vinicius Jr. is a serial threat in FIFA 23, can beat the best defenders

At the time of writing, there's only one version of Vinicius Jr. in FIFA 23 as he is yet to receive a special card. His base variant is still magnificent, thanks to his overall boost since last year's version.


The 86-rated LW card is one of the best that players can acquire in the game. It can also be played as an LM with a position modifier, which will allow it to dominate the left side of the pitch. The card has an excellent set of stats, making it ideal for the meta.

The shining light is the extreme pace, which has a rating of 95. With 95 Acceleration and 95 Pace, Vinicius Jr. is one of the fastest players in FIFA 23 at the time of writing. His second strongest weapon is his dribbling ability, which is rated at 90.

The card has 94 Agility and 92 Dribbling, which make him a dribbler's dream. Additionally, he comes with 5* Skill Moves, the highest possible option one can have. This ensures that the footballer can use every skill move in the game to beat opponents.


He also enjoys 84 Finishing, which is more than enough to complete the job. His 76 Shot Power and 76 Long Shots could have been better, but that can be improved with the correct chemistry. His passing is not the strongest point in the game either, with all the stats in the mid-70s.

The best way to play Vinicius Jr. in FIFA 23 is to take a direct approach and take the defenders head-on. With crossing and passing being mediocre at best, the ideal method to use him is to get the best out of his mobility. Unlike previous years, playing him as a striker will rob him of his chemistry and reduce his stats.

Despite the few limitations, the Brazilian winger's card is one of the best at the moment and will continue to be so in the near future. It remains to be seen when he will get a special variant in the game and what stats will be featured in those. With the Rulebreakers promo coming soon, fans might not have to wait much longer.

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Edited by Abu Amjad Khan
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