"A bit of a scam from EA": Fans react as EA Sports releases Road to the Knockouts cards in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

The Road to the Knockouts promo has been released in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)
The Road to the Knockouts promo has been released in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)

EA Sports has released the Road to the Knockouts promo in FIFA 23, and fans can’t get enough of the new special cards in Ultimate Team. This concept was introduced in FIFA 22 and was a rather successful launch. It makes a return in the latest iteration of the game.

These special cards are based on various UEFA Club competitions. They are dynamic items that get upgraded based on their team's performances in the tournament. If a club wins two out of their next three Group Stage games or secures qualification to the tournament's Knockout Stages, the card gets an upgrade.

I still think that Valverde getting IF-POTM and RTTK in 1 week is a bit of a scam from EA

It is a rather engaging and intriguing concept that will have fans on the edge of their seats, invested in the results of real-life football matches. The quality of the cards included in the promo has been impressive, with solid upgrades all awarded throughout the squad.

However, as usual, the Road to the Knockouts release has received mixed reactions from the FIFA 23 community on Twitter.

The Road to the Knockouts squad in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team features a host of overpowered special cards with massive upgrades

The first day of the Road to the Knockouts promo was replete with new content drops from EA and an incredible roster of special versions in packs. However, fans are divided in their opinions on the latest FIFA 23 promo.

While many are impressed with these upgrades, some are skeptical about EA's approach to the promo as well as their selection of footballers to include in the squad.

The primary concern in the community is EA's approach to the items they put into packs compared to the items available in SBCs.

This fan took to Twitter to share his theory about how EA provides desirable and enticing upgrades to items that they can make money off in FIFA 23.

People were saying EA were nerfing POTM because they were holding back the power curveLooking at these RTTK stats its pretty clear they nerfed POTM because they’re not in packsDon’t get it twisted all EA want is more FP sales 😂

Another user expressed similar concern, comparing the stat boosts provided to POTM Kim Min-jae and the new Road to the Knockouts Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to prove his point.

EA Logic??POTM cards = 1 inform upgradeRTTK cards = 2-4 inform upgrades

Another common complaint among FIFA fans is the lack of creativity when selecting footballers for these promo teams.

Federico Valverde has been included in the Road to the Knockout roster. However, gamers are not too pleased as the Real Madrid superstar has received his third special card of the FIFA 23 game cycle already.

One fan tweeted how Valverde's inclusion makes him similar to Christopher Nkunku in FIFA 22, who had received a host of performance-based and promo cards last season.

🇺🇾 Federico Valverde has got a UCL RTTK card leaked 😍Nkunku of FIFA 23? This will be his 3rd special card in FIFA 23, in just 3 weeks. 🤯#FIFA23 #FUT #valverde #realmadrid #UCL

The community is also unhappy with the lack of diversity on the Road to the Knockouts team. Several major clubs have not been represented despite being successful in their respective groups.

Nice to see that we don't have a card from the Portuguese league in this promo 👍Sporting is first their group Benfica tied with PSG on top of the groupPorto can still advance

However, not every fan was critical of the promo, with some appreciating the content provided by EA Sports and the incredible quality of these special items.

🚨FIFA 23 6PM Content🚨-RTTK Team-Kulusevski SBC-Newcomers Challenge 2-Stream Squad Set-Position Modifier Upgrade-Gosens OBJUnreal Promo so far 🔥

With a week of this promo still to go, there will undoubtedly be a lot more content released by EA Sports. It will be interesting to see how fans react to these new releases as the game progresses.

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