FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Kim Min Jae POTM SBC: How to complete, potential costs, and more

Kim Min Jae has won the Serie A POTM award for September (Images via EA Sports and Getty Images)
Kim Min Jae has won the Serie A POTM award for September (Images via EA Sports and Getty Images)

Napoli centre-back Kim Min Jae has been awarded the inaugural Serie A Player of the Month award for FIFA 23. The vote was a close contest, including high-profile names like Theo Hernandez and Milinkovic-Savic, but the South Korean defender emerged victorious and has received a special card in-game that can be unlocked via a Squad Building Challenge (SBC).


The SBC is available for completion in-game now and will be in the SBC section for the next 30 days. The duration for which POTM cards are available in SBCs makes them appealing to the player base, as fans can gradually work towards completing the requirements and unlocking these special cards. It is still early in the game cycle, so that special cards will be relatively rare and viable.

Kim Min Jae has received a spectacular POTM card in the early stages of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

Kim Min Jae was amongst the favorites to win the POTM vote despite his base version being lower-rated and less meta than the likes of Theo Hernandez. This is because a Theo Hernandez SBC would have been expensive as he is one of the best defenders in FIFA 23, and no one has the coins or SBC fodder cards to complete an expensive SBC in the initial stages of the game.


While prominent FUT leakers spoiled the surprise by revealing Kim Min Jae as the winner a few days ago on Twitter, it was still unknown what his card would look like and what the SBC requirements would be. Here is what you need to complete the coveted Serie A POTM Kim Min Jae SBC:

SBC 1: Tactical Emulation

  • Number of players from Napoli FC: Min 1
  • Min Team Rating: 83

Rewards for completion: 1 Gold Pack

SBC 2: Serie A

  • Number of players from Serie A: Min 1
  • Min Team Rating: 85

Rewards for completion: 1 Small Gold Players Pack

The SBC costs roughly around 50,000-55,000 coins in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, depending on the price of SBC fodder cards in the transfer market. However, players can potentially complete this card for cheaper with the untradeable that they might have in their club.

With the Ones to Watch promo being released at 6 PM UK tonight, fodder might be cheaper due to the number of open packs. Fans can also take the long road and complete this SBC gradually over the next 30 days.

Is POTM Kim Min Jae worth completing in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

Kim Min Jae's base gold version is a popular choice amongst players in the early stages of FIFA 23. Despite being just 79 rated overall, he possesses the pace and defensive abilities to be effective in FIFA.

His POTM version has received a single in-form upgrade, 82 rated with 81 pace. Despite the rather underwhelming boost in stats, he will perform exceptionally well in-game.

However, it is important to remember that Kim Min Jae is South Korean and will be hard to link in any squad unless they have multiple Serie A players in their lineup.

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