FIFA 23 Ones to Watch (OTW) promo - Release date, how to obtain, and more

The Ones to Watch cards are coming soon (Image via EA Sports)
The Ones to Watch cards are coming soon (Image via EA Sports)

The Ones to Watch (OTW) promo will kick off FIFA 23's Ultimate Team journey for many players. The Ultimate Team mode is all about its promos and the special cards they introduce along the way. These cards can be obtained in different ways, and one of them is already available in the form of the Angel Di Maria SBC.

A full team of special cards will be released very soon, and players will be able to obtain them when this happens.

OTW cards are special-edition items added to the game for footballers who have moved clubs in the summer transfer window. They even see a rating increase in accordance with the performances of their real-life counterparts.

Not only do these cards have boosted stats, but they can also improve upon the fulfillment of certain conditions. This makes these cards heavily sought after in the community, and things aren't likely to change.

Here's all the available information about the upcoming Ones to Watch (OTW) promo in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Ones to Watch (OTW) cards will once again see high demand among players

The OTW promo has traditionally been the first release when the game launches, and FIFA 23 will officially continue the trend. With some major transfers in the summer, there are some amazing candidates to find in the packs.

The OTW promo will commence on September 30, 2022, after the full game has gone live. It will likely be launched worldwide at 6:00 pm UK time, based on releases in the past. This is also based on the in-game countdown that players see when they try to log in to their Ultimate Team account. The promo is only expected to last for a single week this year.

There is more than one way to obtain a card from the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team promo. Players can already complete the Angel Di Maria SBC. The Argentina international's special card has an overall rating of 84, but there will be some other great ones coming soon.

These cards will be directly available from the packs. However, there is less chance of obtaining these special cards in the packs.


Having said that, the cards can be worth a player's time and effort if they manage to find one. Additionally, there will also be more SBCs and objectives along the way.

All owners of the Ultimate Edition will also receive a random card from the promo on September 30, 2022. It is entitled to those who have pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition before that date. The card will be untradable, so players won't be able to sell it to make coins. They will have to use it in their squads or as fodder while completing SBCs.

As mentioned earlier, OTW cards can receive upgrades in FIFA 23, and EA Sports has already announced the conditions. The publisher has also confirmed some special cards, which will appear in a couple of days.

It will be interesting to see the other candidates who have made the list in this year's edition of the game.

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