FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Federico Valverde POTM SBC: How to complete, potential costs, and more

Valverde has been named as the La Liga Player of the Month for September (Images via EA Sports)
Valverde has been named as the La Liga Player of the Month for September (Images via EA Sports)

Federico Valverde has been crowned the Player of the Month in La Liga for the month of September and has received a special card in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. He is the inaugural La Liga POTM winner in the new FIFA game cycle and can be unlocked by completing a Squad Building Challenge (SBC) in FIFA Ultimate Team.

The vote for this POTM award was closely contested between Valverde and Robert Lewandowski from rivals FC Barcelona. But despite the latter's goal-scoring exploits in the league, the Uruguayan machine won the honors with his stellar performances.


The SBC will be available in-game for the next 30 days and fans can gradually work their way towards unlocking this amazing special item.

Valverde already has an 86-rated Team of the Week card in FIFA 23, but while this TOTW version is a right-winger, the POTM card is a Central Midfielder. This makes him much more desirable as he can easily be accommodated in any squad.

Federico Valverde receives overpowered special card in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

While many believe that Robert Lewandowski deserves the award for his game-winning goal contributions, Valverde has been the most consistent performer for league-leaders Real Madrid.

He is a versatile and tireless machine who serves as the engine in midfield for Los Blancos, and his talents are aptly reflected in his FIFA 23 stats and in-game abilities.


Boasting an impressive Pace stat of 89, as well as 80 Defending and 82 Passing, he is the definition of a complete midfielder in FIFA 23. His base gold version is amongst the most overpowered cards in the game, so it is safe to assume that the POTM will be even better. Here is what you need to unlock this card in FIFA 23:

SBC 1: Real Madrid


  • Number of players from Real Madrid: Minimum 1
  • Minimum 1 player with mimimum OVR of 86
  • Minimum team rating: 84

Rewards: 1 Small Gold Players Pack

SBC 2: La Liga


  • Minimum 1 player from La Liga Santander
  • Minimum 1 player with minimum OVR of 87
  • Min team rating: 85

Rewards: 1 Jumbo Gold Pack

SBC 3: 87- Rated Squad


  • Minimum 2 players with minimum OVR of 88
  • Minnimum team rating: 87

Rewards: 1 Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

Judging by these requirements, the cost of the SBC can be estimated to be just over 200,00 FUT coins. This is a hefty price tag, especially in the early stages of the FIFA 23 game cycle.

However, players can complete this challenge for a cheaper price if they use the untradable cards available in their club that they have achieved through SBC packs and rewards.

Is POTM Valverde worth the coins to unlock in FIFA 23?

Federico Valverde's abilities in FIFA are undeniable. He is one of the best midfielders in the game who can play in multiple defensive positions while also being incredible at offensive maneuvers.

However, the SBC has been priced rather heavily by EA Sports. Considering that his TOTW version is much cheaper and possesses identical stats, this price seems rather unfair. There is also no shortage of tradeable alternatives in the FUT transfer market, with players like Marcos Llorente being a fraction of the cost and just as effective in-game.

Public Service Announcement 🚨POTM Valverde = 200kIF Valverde with the exact same stats = 140k. WOW.

Although Valverde is extremely meta in FIFA, it would be wise to avoid this SBC unless you are a Real Madrid fan, or have sufficient untradable cards in the club to drastically reduce the cost of the SBC.

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