Warframe's Angels of the Zariman update is coming soon

Can't wait to go back to this creepy ship (Image via Digital Extremes)
Can't wait to go back to this creepy ship (Image via Digital Extremes)
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Warframe has been quiet in the first month of 2022 but that's guaranteed to change. In their first devstream of the year, Digital Extremes laid out the first steps of their 2022 roadmap for Warframe.

Picking up from where the story left off in The New War, the Angels of the Zariman update will continue the overarching narrative and introduce more content.

Apart from just announcing a new update, Devstream 159 also sheds light on upcoming cosmetics, Valentine's Day events, future warframes, future mechanics, and much more.


Echoes of War is the beginning of the second act

This one ship has caused so much trouble (Image via Digital Extremes)
This one ship has caused so much trouble (Image via Digital Extremes)

Echoes of War is the first whisper of any activity in Warframe after the launch of The New War. The New War storyline left Warframe in a bit of a limbo as players grasped the consequences of the narrative direction but had no leads to follow.

Update 31.1: Echoes of War will begin as the second act for The New War saga This second act will conclude with the Update 31.5: Angels of the Zariman slated for release later this year and we'll get to that later.

For Echoes of War, there are a select few things to be released as part of the mainline update. Players who have finished The New War storyline can now go back and replay the quest without any previous restrictions. Certain warframes will be getting new augments for their abilities.

This feels cathartic in a way (Image via Digital Extremes)
This feels cathartic in a way (Image via Digital Extremes)

The biggest change coming however is the RNG mercy in regards to Kuva Lich and Sisters of Parvos mechanic. Currently, upon creating a Lich or Sister, players are shown what weapons they can get from them upon their defeat.

There is no way to change the outcome once revealed and players have to go through a lengthy process to spawn another Lich or Sister to hopefully get a different weapon. With this update, the Kuva and Tenet weapons will be drawn from a pool and players can technically remove a choice by letting the larvling or candidate live.

The next time the player encounters said larvling or candidate, they will be able to choose another weapon, and the previous weapon will not appear. It's not entirely clear if players can keep doing this multiple times until they hit their desired weapon but it's still better than having just one choice.

Alongside these changes, the rest of the Echoes of War update consists of quality of life changes to the UI, new Tennogen cosmetics, the Einheri deluxe skin bundle for Hildryn, and the return of the Star Days event. All of this will be coming in February 9.

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Warframe's 2022 roadmap extends beyond Echoes of War

Digital Extremes is already planning much ahead for Warframe. Devstream 159 laid out a basic plan for Update 31.5: Angels of the Zariman. The update will come with two new game modes, a new warframe, a rework of the Eximus enemies, and much more.

The team is also planning to expand upon the Archons introduced in The New War. Apart from bringing in more Archons, they will be reworked keeping the power scaling of Warframe's in mind. They're also planning to revamp the Eximus enemy type with the Arctic Eximus as a template, so it's both a visual and mechanical revamp.

There are plans to review older augments and currently over 16 and more augments are on the operating table. And last but not least, new Tennogen and deluxe cosmetics are on the table as well. More details on this will be discussed in the February Devstream.

Ticker's looking kinda pale these days (Image via Digital Extremes)
Ticker's looking kinda pale these days (Image via Digital Extremes)

As a player and avid fan of the game, it's good to see that Digital Extremes is finally putting their foot on the gas. 2022 is already slated to be one of their biggest years in terms of restructuring and revitalizing the state of the game. With crossplay and other updates in the works, Echoes of War is looking to be a good time to jump back in for some action.

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